DiGiulian and Coxsey Racking Up FFAs


Seriously, somebody tell me what’s in the water this week. The past few days have been filled with some serious accomplishments in the female climbing world. Turns out Sasha DiGiulian and Shauna Coxsey were getting in on the sending action too.

In Rodellar, Sasha earned first female ascents on two 8b+’s, La Cadre de La Calanque and El Primer Hijo. Of El Primer Hijo she says,”Cool moves. Physical and gymnastic.” Sasha’s got some time off from school this summer and we can’t wait to see what other hard climbing she adds to her list.

Across the pond in Colorado, Shauna was busy sending Nuthin’ But Sunshine (V13) in Rocky Mountain National Park. Not only was this her first V13, but she also earned the title of FFA for the boulder. Apparently, she and powerhouse boulderer, Alex Puccio were working Nuthin’ But Sunshine together all weekend, so don’t be surprised if Alex ticks this boulder off her list soon.

Keep it coming ladies! And congrats!

Climb On.

(Info and photos: 8a.nu, climbingnarc.com, www.lifestrength.com, www.shaunacoxsey.co.uk)

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3 thoughts on “DiGiulian and Coxsey Racking Up FFAs

  1. Bieber4lyfe! says:

    shauna is my new hero.

  2. Ruth Beers says:

    How about Lucy Mitchell’s 8b Hue Cool at Gordale last Saturday (22/6/2013)? That was pretty awesome 🙂

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