Girl Crush of The Month: Sasha DiGiulian


Our Girl Crush this month is none other than Sasha (no last name needed, you know, like Madonna).  You may ask why we haven’t chosen her already, given that she is arguably the best female climber on the planet.  In general, we try to award the “prestigious” Girl Crush to those climbers who are not also household names. But for this month, she got us to break our own rules! So how did she do it? Well, first of all, we are celebrating Fourth of July this week, so we had to go American, and who better to represent our fair nation than the first and only North American female to ever climb 9a/5.14d.  Then last week she went and added not one, but two more FFA’s to her impressive tick list, in the same week!  Not to mention, that while she’s dominating crags and comps worldwide, she’s also a full time undergrad at Columbia University.  Lastly, we had the good fortune of meeting her in May at the Ring of Fire Comp and found that not only can this petite, blonde haired, blue-eyed 20-year-old contend with the burliest of climbers out there, she’s also apple-pie-sweet and friendly as can be! So Sasha, we know you’ve won a lot of awards, and this one doesn’t come with any medals, but it does come with huge amounts of admiration! Thanks so much for continuing to inspire female climbers worldwide.

-Climb On!

Missy, Cate and Mary

(Photo Credit: Sasha’s website

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