Sasha is fierce and earns her first FA


Our Girl Crush, Sasha DiGiulian is making the most of her time in South Africa, and has earned a first ascent of Rolihlahla, 8c+ (5.14b/c) at Waterfall Boven.  According to she says this of the experience:

 “I am incredibly excited with this new accomplishment. The route is one of the most spectacular lines I have ever climbed. It is also my first time doing a first ascent of a route…the climb also includes crack climbing, big falls, and some very technical portions that required my full commitment.”

According to Planet Mountain, this route took her just three days to take down, which must be her lucky number, because that was the same number of days it took her to redpoint Pure Imagination (9a/5.14d).  The whole climb was photographed and filmed by Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann, so we’ll be waiting on pins and needles to see the footage of this really beautiful looking climb!

Congrats Sasha!

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One thought on “Sasha is fierce and earns her first FA

  1. v10princess!!! says:

    oh snap. looks like grade wars have hit us ladies. paige just called it 13d. that’s quite a jump down…

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