What Kind of Climber Are You?


Dirtbags, Lifers, Number Chasers, we don’t care, we love you all! We created this for kicks and we hope you get a laugh out of it like we did. Click through for a larger view AND purchase a print of the flowchart here. Enjoy!

Crux Crush

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6 thoughts on “What Kind of Climber Are You?

  1. wicoxfreedom says:

    AMAZINGLY Accurate!!!

  2. bieber4lyfe! says:

    Srsly? I’m a noob? No more socks in my climbing shoes – I’m gonna move up in the world. And I’ve got Futuras, not Solutions… duh.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hey, I would love to have a color copy of this – any chance you are producing them for giveaway or sale?

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