Eva López Bolts and Sends Potemkin 8c+/5.14c


Eva on Potemkin, 8c+/5.14c. Photo by Javi Pec.

42-year-old Spanish climber and personal climbing coach, Eva López, has sent her first 8c+/5.14c, Potemkin, in Cuenca, Spain. Eva bolted the route several years ago, watched other top climbers make the send, and has now earned the first female ascent (according to the route’s history on 8a.nu). Eva has set herself apart in the climbing community by creating the Transgression hangboard and by conducting extensive research on training techniques. For more on Eva’s training research check out her website. The training program is certainly proving to pay off for her – Congrats Eva!

Climb on!

(Info credits: www.kairn.com, 8a.nu)

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