2014 Hueco Rock Rodeo Recap

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk looks on as Jule Wurm crushes at the Hueco Rock Rodeo. Photo credit: Juke's facebook.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk looks on as Jule Wurm ticks off another boulder at Hueco’s Rock Rodeo. Photo credit: Courtney Sanders

Over the last few days, climbers from across the US and world have been throwing down and lasso-ing up some boulders at the 21st annual Hueco Rock Rodeo, the longest running outdoor climbing comp. Hueco Tanks in itself is a unique area, recently purchased by the American Alpine Club, and requires a guide to climb; therefore competitors were escorted from one area to the next in small groups. Earlier this week, we reported on a number of strong European ladies who had ticked off a number of V11s and V12s at Hueco, warming up for the outdoor bouldering competition. They were joined over the weekend by a slew of tough women and men, including youth, all in town for some strong bouldering, in addition to a weekend festival celebrating climbing and benefitting Hueco State Park. In the end, the Euros’ week of Hueco sending pre-comp, paid off. In first was German Juliane Wurm, followed by British Mina Leslie-Wujastyk in 2nd, and American Nina Williams, in third place. For the men Daniel Woods finished in first, followed by Jimmy Webb, and Sean McColl in third.  AND one of our favorite little crushers, Victoria Gezel, age 9, won first place in the Youth Advanced category.

You can check out the 2013 Highlights video to get a sense of this unique comp; we’ll be sure to post the 2014 Highlights video on our Facebook page once it’s released.

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2 thoughts on “2014 Hueco Rock Rodeo Recap

  1. Josh says:

    And youth crusher, Victoria Gezel, won her division for the 2nd year in a row. YAY Minnesota Climbers! I don’t blame her for getting down there, its been freezing up here.

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