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  1. Zof says:

    check that DWS outfit: http://instagram.com/p/fBBXs4nq-B/ 😀

    but i do love to climb wearing socks! people give me grief for that constantly but when it’s cold, i don’t really care 🙂 i can’t climb at my limit in low temps anyway (cause i’m a sissy, most probably…) so i don’t need to wear sharp shoes! and even indoors it can be soooo cold…

  2. Toni says:

    Hey… now if its below 20 degrees out and there is snow on the ground… you better believe I am wearing socks with my climbing shoes… But the gym is def a no-no.

  3. bieber4lyfe!!! says:

    Oh. My. Gawd. I LUV this. I also think it’s sooo ridic when the gurls on my team wear jewelry when they climb.

  4. Kate says:

    This is kind of mean-girlish 🙁

    Part of the reason I love the climbing community is because it generally isn’t like that.

    Can we just be glad that our favorite sport is enticing enough that lots of people want to try it, and be a welcoming, supportive community? If you see someone doing or wearing something unsafe, give ’em a friendly heads up! Otherwise, let ’em rock their own style.

    • V10_PrInCeSs says:

      Kate – I think you’re missing the point… The joke is on the mean girls.

      Let’s break it down: this is mockery of a common cultural practice amongst the wider western world. go to any grocery store checkout line and you’ll see it in >50% of the magazines. it’s FUNNY in this context because they’ve applied something that DOESN’T belong in the climbing world TO the climbing world. I’ve got a hunch that the CXC ladies could care less what I, or you, or anyone else actually wear out to the crag/gym. However, they probably get a kick out of celebrity gossip and decided to turn it on it’s head.

      Does that help?

      – V10p

    • TLO says:

      pretty sure this article is tongue-in-cheek kate. 🙂 we’ve all done/do these things (well maybe not the swim fin boudering) and it’s fun to poke fun at ourselves. i hop on the bouldering wall with my harness on all the time because i’m too lazy to take it off after routes.

  5. Cristina says:

    Haha! This was a good laugh. It’s good to be able to laugh at ourselves. I remember giggling at people who taped their hands so much I couldn’t see skin or who wore gloves climbing. Then during my first trip to horse pens, after shredding my skin down to blood, guess who over loaded every finger with tape? Me! I probably would have even said yes to gloves if I could have managed to climb with them. Haha…Good times 🙂

  6. Jocey says:

    In high school I was rappelling off a bridge I’d gone down a few times before and my coach was like “sure you don’t to tie up your hair?” Being young, and 16, and freakin’ fabulous I was like “nah, I’m okay!”

    15 feet later and it all got sucked in! Please note, I’m black and as a young girl sported braided extensions that cost more than my current rent as a 23 year old, so when my teacher joked I should cut them off I nearly died.

    Thankfully he came down and got me out of it, but lesson learned: tie it up for rock an afro 😉


  7. Jay Ren says:

    I learned the shorts thing pretty early on. They weren’t THAT short, but my legs looked about the same.

  8. Cloe says:

    I dont understand the rap one???

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