ABS Nationals Results

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods vying to hold onto their 2013 Nationals' titles. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods trying to hold onto their 2013 titles at this year’s ABS Nationals. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Setting challenging finals problems for the likes of Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, Jule Wurm, Angie Payne, Megan Mascarenas, Margo Hayes, and Grace McKeehan would be an exceptionally difficult task. Yet, the setters for the American Bouldering Series (ABS) Nationals rose to the occasion, delivering challenging yet interesting problems for the seven strong finalists. After Friday Qualifiers and Saturday morning Semi-Finals, these seven ladies powered through, ready to put their bouldering prowess to the test. Competitions are often so obviously tilted toward one competitor, however, it truly came down to the very last problem to see who would emerge as the winner. Angie Payne and Megan Mascarenas had strong starts, whereas Alex Puccio started off shaky. Sixteen year olds Margo Hayes and Grace Mckeehan also each had moments when it seemed the tables could turn in favor of any competitor.

Juliane Wurm finished first at the ABS Nationals. (Photo credit: Jules' facebook)

Juliane Wurm finished first at the ABS Nationals. (Photo credit: Jules’ facebook)

However, it was Jule Wurm’s consistency across each of the four problems that led her to the top of the podium in first. And it was Alex Puccio’s determination and power that pushed her to dominate on the final problem where others struggled, earning her a second place finish. The top 4 finalists of ABS Finals will represent the US on the World Cup stage. As Wurm is German, this opens up the third and fourth team spot for Margo and Grace to compete in the World Cup. All around, this was perhaps one of the most entertaining, thrilling, and nail-biting comps we’ve watched yet! If you didn’t catch LT11’s live feed over the weekend, stay tuned for their highlights video. Congrats to all of the competitors!

Women’s Final Results

1st – Juliane Wurm

2nd – Alex Puccio

3rd – Megan Mascarenas

Men’s Final Results

1st – Daniel Woods

2nd – Vasya Vorotnikov

3rd – Andy Lamb

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