Name That Climbing Tune!

A common scene from my home: My husband’s watching something on his computer, and from the other room I hear a distinct dubstep beat. Just to be clear, he’s not a pacifier-wearing scene kid, so naturally I ask, “How’s that climbing video you’re watching?” In my mind “climbing music” has become its own genre, invading climbing videos and gyms nation-wide. So today we’ve got a little game to see just how much of a climbing scenester you are – Name That Tune style! So go ahead, give each clip a listen and test your climbing music knowledge!

Song #1

Sail – AWOLNATION (Full song)

Song #2

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons (Full song)

Song #3

Cracks – Flux Pavilion (Full song)

Song #4

Too Close – Alex Clare (Full song)

Song #5

Promises – Skillex and Nero Remix (Full Song)

Song #6

Midnight City – M83 (Full song)

Song #7

I Can’t Stop – Flux Pavilion (Full Song)

So, how’d you do?!

Climb on!

P.S. Check out this gem I found while creating this post:


4 thoughts on “Name That Climbing Tune!

  1. v10Princess! says:

    AHHHH! It’s the soundtrack to my life. Do you think we’ll look back on this as music that typifies the ‘teens?

  2. Jen says:

    It’s sports films in general! Ski/climbing/sport porn loves its dubstep! And I call it ski porn lovingly (skip that ‘story’ and just get to the action! come on!) This is one of my favorite clips of film ever done..

    It’s from the movie All.I.Can

    When do we get full length climbing movies like those!?

    (Also… thanks for getting me revved on a Monday morning!)

  3. TommyMcporker says:

    I got an A+!

  4. Trish says:

    This is hilarious!! Bonus points if you can tie each song to a specific climbing video, too. 😉

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