Meagan Martin Crushes Qualifying Round of American Ninja Warrior

Powerhouse boulderer and former Division 1 pole vaulter, Meagan Martin, used her incredible strength and speed on last night’s episode of American Ninja Warrior to become one of just three women to ever complete the show’s famed “Warped Wall”. The competition consists of qualifying and final rounds in five cities across the US. Competitors who complete the finals course in their city go on to compete in national finals for a chance to win $500,000! Along with two other women, Meagan has made it through qualifiers and is moving on to finals, which will air later this summer. Meagan was our very first Girl Crush of the Month and contributed amazing insight to our piece Climbing and Intimidation, so it’s no secret that we are seriously rooting for her! Check out the video above to see her qualifying run, filled with spirited moments and a nail-biting finish. Congrats Meagan – we’ll definitely be following you on ANW!

Climb on!

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