Girl Crush of the Month: Giorgia Tesio

Giorgia competing at the 2014 European Youth Bouldering Championship

Giorgia competing at the 2014 European Youth Bouldering Championship

Yes, this month our girl crush is truly a girl of just 14-years-old, but regardless of age we’ve got to give props where they’re due. And this month we’re giving them to Italian crusher Giorgia Tesio. This young gun already has an incredibly impressive track record indoors and out. Not only is she ranked #4 in the world for her age by the IFSC, but she’s also climbed V11 and flashed 5.13b. Let me just remind you that she’s accomplished what most of us will never even come close to by the age of 14.

While we’re super impressed with Giorgia’s climbing resume, rad hair, and youthful spirit, what we love most is the gratitude she shows for those who support her in her climbing, especially her dad. In a recent video by Christian Core (see below) she reveals a modesty and maturity well beyond her 14 years when she says, “I hold my father in great esteem. It’s thanks to him that I’ve grown up with this passion. It’s also what unites us the most. Without him I wouldn’t have achieved so much.” All too often we forget to thank and acknowledge those who introduced us to climbing, support us in our growth, and are there day in and day out as our climbing partners. Sometimes it takes the honesty of youth to remind us of such simple, yet important things. Thank you Giorgia for reminding us what’s truly important. We’re psyched to see where you take your climbing!

To get the full story on Giorgia, and to see her throw down on some double digit boulders check out this video:

Climb on!

Photo Credit: Nicola Tremolada for Planetmountain

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One thought on “Girl Crush of the Month: Giorgia Tesio

  1. bieber4lyfe! says:

    Giorgia seems really cool and I thinka lot of the kids on my team could learn a lot from her. sometimes our perspectives get really selfish and we need to remember who supports us and why we climb.

    and christian core is super strong!

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