Halloween Climber Costumes

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume that you can throw together and wear to your local gym’s black light boulder party? Here’s a few ideas…


Happy Halloween & Climb on! ~Cate

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6 thoughts on “Halloween Climber Costumes

  1. bieber4lyfe! says:

    AHHHHH! I love this! I’m gonna dress up like Jason Kehl for Halloween. I think he looks like he’s always wearing a costume.

  2. Marie says:

    Bwaahahaha! 😀 I love the Chris Sharma!

  3. leila says:

    How about this one:

    + + = Alex Puccio

  4. leila says:

    That should have been:

    sports bra and short shorts + six pack + 20lb pony-tail = Alex Puccio

  5. v10princess!!! says:

    Or what about this: Popeye forearms + 9 fingers + portaledge tan = tommy caldwell!

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