Crux Crush Commits to the Pact

Preserving our crags in light of the recent influx of climbers has been on our minds for some time now. (Check out our crag commandments). We are thrilled to see our climbing community grow, as more and more people are exposed to and fall in love with climbing. As climbers, we have been given incredibly beautiful cliffs to climb. However, as the saying goes, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” We are responsible for taking care of our climbing areas and in doing so, preserving climbing opportunities for the future. We stand with the Access Fund in Committing to the Pact. Will you join us?


Climb on! ~Cate

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One thought on “Crux Crush Commits to the Pact

  1. Jess W says:

    YES! This is just beyond important. I took a nice long mid-week climbing trip a few weeks back, which meant when I was arriving at the crag, most other climbers were packing up. When the dust had settled and we were just about the only people left at the campsite I found a large trash bag sitting out next to the vault toilet. I was so disappointed. What in the world made these people think that was okay? I’m not sure who ended up packing it out, but it was gone before my husband and I left. If every one did that how big of a problem would we have on our hands?
    Any way, yes I am on board 100%.

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