Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers


Wait, what’s that? It’s December 9th and you’ve got zero gifts for the climber in your life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s five great gifts that you can order online and get in time for the holidays.

Crimpme Rock Climbing Mug – Have your morning coffee and improve your crimp strength with this super cute mug from Crimpme. This New England based one-man operation gives you the option of buying a single mug, a set of six, or shot glass and mason jar versions.

Organic Climbing Load Flap – This ingenious piece from Organic Climbing allows you to bundle up to three crash pads on your back at once. It’s made in the USA out of the highest quality materials and retails at just $33. A must-have for any boulderer!

Access Fund Gift Membership – Help protect America’s climbing areas by giving the gift of membership to the Access Fund. This amazing organization is essential in educating the climbing community and helping to keep our crags safe, clean, and accessible. Check out all their gift membership options and other AF products here.

3rd Rock JONNI Hoodie for Men & Women – This baby is warm, cozy, and features 3rd Rock’s “Cut Up” design, which allows you to have full range of motion when raising your arms above your head. We were skeptical it would really make a difference, but trust us IT WORKS. In addition to this hoodie, we’re also loving the leggings and sports bras from this female-founded company.

Practical Climbing Chalk Bag – From the nerd, to the diva, to the kid-at-heart, there’s a chalk bag for everyone at Practical Climbing. We love the wide variety of patterns and that you can specify exactly what you want. Also be sure to check out their chalk buckets and cute gym totes. Enter “cruxholiday” at checkout for 10% off your order through December 31st, 2014.

Happy holidays and climb on!

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4 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers

  1. Jen says:

    Those chalk bags are so pretty! Great designs!
    Unfortunately I can’t really justify buying more. I mean… I really do only need one chalk bag. 🙁

  2. hootie says:

    Ummm I LOVE all of these, but crimping my coffee is a recipe for DISASTER. Yeah, spilling hot coffee in my crotch. Again. Not a fun story, and the police didn’t like it, either.

    But srsly Access Fund? You’re giving away Attache carabiners? Those are like, sooo 2004. You need to magnetron-ize your fundraiser or something. You’re like a car dealership trying to pull in bizniss with a ’95 Ford Escort. Not hot then, not hot now.

    But YEAH sign me up for that Organic and 3rd Rock love. My German friend uses the Organic strap to carry so many pads. It makes hobos jealous.

    – H to the ootiE

  3. Maria says:

    I would have bought a dozen of those mugs for my gym buddies if it was dishwasher and microwave safe. It also says not to pick it up with the hold! would have been a perfect gift 🙁

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