15 Ways You Know You’re a Climber…

We are a special breed. Whether you’re a noob or a veteran, it’s quite clear when you’ve been bitten by the climbing bug. Here are 15 ways you know you’re a climber…IMG_0888

  1. You are obsessed with checking the weekend weather
  2. Your nighttime lullaby is memorizing beta
  3. You’re psyched about the word psyched
  4. One day you aspire to live out of your car (ideally with a dog)
  5. A deal-breaker in your home search is suitable space for a climbing wall
  6. You sandpaper your hands
  7. Bars, beef jerky and/or trail mix count as lunch
  8. Chris Sharma and Alex Puccio are celebrities
  9. When you hear “highball” it isn’t in reference to a cocktail
  10. All your vacation days are spent climbing
  11. You’ve got a fool-proof, dry shoe method for peeing in the woods
  12. Waking up for work feels impossible, but waking up to climb is NBD
  13. Dirtbag is an aspirational status
  14. Exposed brick walls make you think “I could crimp on that”
  15. You follow climbing blogs (thanks!)

Share with us other ways you know you’re a climber.

Photo cred: Just go climb, Rad Girls Collective and Summit Sender’s Instagram

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2 thoughts on “15 Ways You Know You’re a Climber…

  1. Nc says:

    I don’t mind calluses
    Resoling is a thing
    Others ask if I do cocaine on noticing my chalkbag

  2. Jon says:

    I’m a dude, so yeah 14/15 of those things are 100% me!
    16) All of your colleagues think you’re just weird and going to sleep in the dirt on the weekend

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