15 Signs You’re Actually an Amazing Belayer


Turns out you’ve been doing it right all along

1. Your catches are soft, but not in a “when is this fall going to stop?” kinda way

2. You know when to encourage and when to shut up

3. You’re attentive even though your neck hurts

4. It’s not all stop and go when you lower

5. You bring your partner their approach shoes after a climb

6. You know what to do about a ledge or a roof

7. You know that take really means take… like now

8. You’re okay with the fact that “one more try” sometimes means 20

9. To avoid harness wedgies, you’re quick with the courtesy slack

10. You learn the beta on your partner’s proj to anticipate their needs

11. You give a helping hand when your partner can’t get their footing on the ground

12. You get that belaying on the second bolt and the 10th are different things

13. You know when your partner is about to lose it

14. You keep the on-the-ground convos to a minimum

15. You’re genuinely excited for your partner’s accomplishments (even if they send your project before you)

For more on becoming a better belayer check out our posts on the importance of a soft catch and giving a better belay.

Climb on!


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  1. […] core purpose of their role is to prevent injury or even death in the event of a fall and there are many other things that make a good belayer great. But for me, a missing point on so many of those lists is their ability to give me as a climber the […]

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