Girl Crush of the Month: Heather Weidner


Photo cred: Jon Glassberg

“Life is short and fragile, go out and get it now”. Inspired by the words of her late mother, Dr. Heather (Robinson) Weidner did just that; as a former veterinarian turned professional climber she is pursuing her passions with abandon. Heather’s jam is to try hard on projects. With unwavering determination, focus and down-right stubbornness, she explains that those who know her call it “Taurus mode”. Jonathon Siegrist interviewed Heather and he’s crushing too (not like that—he’s good friends with her husband). Siegrist said, “I’ve had the privilege to climb with some of the world’s best, but no one that I’ve met has the ambition, persistence and follow through that Heather exhibits.”

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell

Hard work pays. Whether it’s sending Musta Been High (5.13c R), The Gayness (5.14a) or recently climbing at 24-Hours of Horseshoe Hell, which is a point-based comp (grades matter) where you and your partner climb as many routes over a 24-hour period of time. Heather and her husband, Chris, bravely took on the challenge together. Check out Heather’s recount here. Impressively they both survived (and so did their marriage!). Chris and Heather crushed, climbing 112 and 108 pitches respectively, averaging a 5.10b. Heather won for female category and they took home the co-ed blue ribbon.

Heather’s psych is contagious. Let this video of her send go on Stockboy’s Revenge (5.14b) speak for itself, and get psyched to climb hard this weekend.

Thanks to Heather for being crushable, follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Climb on!


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