Girl Crush of the Month: Zohreh Abdollahkhani

Our girl crush of the month, Zohreh, crushing on ice. (Photo credit: Zohreh's instagram).

Our girl crush of the month, Zohreh, crushing on ice.

This month’s girl crush was submitted by friend of Crux Crush, Carolin.

Born in Karaj at the foothills of the Alborz mountain range, Zohreh Abdollahkhani thought as a child that climbing would let her touch the sky. Indeed, there is something celestial about the 31 year old woman from Iran. I spotted her the first time following the Sochi Winter Olympics and had an instant crush on her. A female athlete of a niche sport who represented a country that is not necessarily known for empowering women—that alone I found rad enough, but oh yes, she is also beautiful. Some stalking followed and I began following her on Facebook, wishing I had learned more than three words in the beginner Farsi course I took a year ago. But then again, isn’t the language of climbing universal?

Zohreh demonstrating an elegant calm while competing. (Photo credit: Zohreh's facebook).

Zohreh demonstrating an elegant calm while competing.

The first Iranian woman to win an international medal in ice climbing, Zohreh placed third in the Asian Ice Climbing Championship in 2014 and competed in the UIAA World Cup in Korea this year. Zohreh hopes that the Olympic Committee will put ice climbing on the list of official disciplines. In a one minute message, she tells us about her passion and why she needs the support of the five rings. In the meantime, if you happen make it to the Alborz mountains, check out the “Sang-e-Sar Sol,” a huge limestone wall in the province of Semnan on which French and Iranian climbers put up first ascents back in 2009. Zohreh was among them and yes, her route is called “Zohreh.” I can only surmise that it must be a beautiful climb.

Zohreh is currently recovering from a wrist injury; we wish her a quick recovery and thanks for being crushable!

Climb on! ~Caro

Photo credits: Zohreh’s Instagram and Facebook.

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