Climbing Video: Fun in Flatanger

To brighten up this dreary week, we’re happy to share a cheerful video from Generation Up!, featuring buddies Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner on a recent trip to Norway, the land of fishing, fearsome Vikings, and the Flatanger Cave. Still in their early teens, these young guns are paving the way for the next generation of elite climbers, with impressive accomplishments already under their belts.

It’s fun to watch the duo work through challenging problems with a combination of Ashima’s outdoor experience, Kai’s honed indoor technique, and the sheer enthusiasm of these two young climbers out to push their limits and just have fun (and Ashima’s plug to inspire girls to climb hard didn’t hurt, either). By the end of the trip, it seems Ashima was able to convince Kai just how awesome outdoor sport climbing can be, despite his initial reservations about those “crazy, hippie people who live out of their vans and don’t shower.”
Climb on!
Emily & Beth

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