New Year’s Resolutions: Climber Edition

Here's to a happy 2016!

As climbers, we often talk a big game. I think I’ve “started training” approximately ten times in the last 6 months. But with the New Year, the slate is clean and we can once again declare our resolve to be a better climber! Here are the top ten resolutions you might hear from a climber:

  1. I will dust off the ol’ hangboard and actually use it.
  2. I will stop making excuses and do more abs!
  3. I will pay it forward and mentor a newbie.
  4. I will wash my rope before spring.
  5. I will actually follow a training plan.
  6. I will do more dynos!
  7. I will remember my beta.
  8. I will resist inventing a parking spot and hike the extra 1/8th of the mile to the crag.
  9. I will bury my poop (and my dog’s poop, too!)
  10. I will always wear my helmet while climbing and belaying. It’s a no-brainer!

What resolutions did you make this year?

Climb on and Happy New Year! ~Crux Crush


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Climber Edition

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  2. Taavi says:

    1) I will not overtrain
    2) I will not overtrain
    3) I will not overtrain… much.

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Cate,

    I’ve been bouldering for about 6 months. My only resolutions are to keep climbing and climb outside. Do you have any tips about finding a climbing community or a climbing mentor? I’m pretty new to Brooklyn, NY and am struggling to find climbing friends. Everyone at the gym seems to already be in a group and it’s a little intimidating.


    • Mary says:

      Hi Alex,

      Mary here. I’d suggest trying to find some climbing events to attend, like ladies nights, or take some kind of climbing class. Here in Boston gyms always have events, classes, adult teams, etc. going on. Also try discussing beta with people while bouldering. This can lead to great conversations beyond just beta. Hope that helps!

      Climb on!

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