Girl Crush of the Month: Caroline Sinno

Caroline Sinno

Entrepreneur and climber, Caroline Sinno, has got lots to smile about. Photo by Nacho Grez.

For 31-year-old climber and entrepreneur Caroline Sinno, climbing is more than a sport; it’s the pillar she’s built her career on. Caroline began climbing in the forest of Fontainebleau with her parents, and has gone on to compile an impressive climbing resume including 105 boulders V9/7C and harder, including 3 of the grade V12/8A+. Aside from actually crushing on rock, Caroline is also a major player in the outdoor industry. A few years ago she founded the rapidly growing company Crimp Oil, which specializes in massage oils made for climbers which is rapidly expanding the range of products offered and its worldwide presence.

Crimp Oil

Crimp Oil helps heal and prevent pesky finger injuries and is easy to get through Metolius.

According to Caroline the decision to work for herself was a no-brainer. She tells us, “I couldn’t do a ‘normal’ job with my passion for climbing. It wasn’t a tough choice. I absolutely love being my own boss and working from home. I need this independence and being able to be super flexible. I also love the entrepreneurial spirit.” In addition to these benefits, Crimp Oil also allows her to explore two of her interests, chemistry and natural medicine, all while helping climbers heal and perform. Arnica is an ingredient in Crimp Oil, and interestingly, a recent meta-analysis suggests that it probably works as well as traditional non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs, like ibuprofen) in improving osteoarthritis pain, which could be generalized to chronic pain associated with climbing injuries. The future is bright for Caroline and Crimp Oil; her upcoming goals for the company are to open in the Asian market, create a wider range of products, and brand her products for other sports.

Caroline Sinno Atomic Playboy

Climbing one of her favorite boulders, Atomic Playboy (V10/7C+), in Fontainebleau.

As for her climbing accomplishments, Caroline says, “My most meaningful climbing accomplishment is Atomic Playboy in Font. It’s one of my favorite climbs ever.” But on second thought she goes on to add, “I think I would rather say it was when I was doing multi-pitch climbs with my grandma as a teenager.” With a grandma like that and her commitment to the sport, it’s clear that climbing runs deep in Caroline’s bones. Her climbing goals show no signs of slowing either. Next up she’d like to, “Climb an 8B like Black Lung in Joe’s Valley and to start sport climbing again to be a more well rounded climber.”

Thank you to Caroline for chatting with us and being an inspiration not only on the rock but also in the business world. To connect with Caroline check out her Instagram and give her product Crimp Oil a try. Thank you also to her sponsors Five Ten, 3rd Rock, and Snap Climbing for helping her live the dream.

Climb on!

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