Rock Climbing: Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation: That photo of you sending your project is going to look awesome!

rock climbing reality

Reality: Just another butt shot.

rock climbing reality


Expectation: Those aggressive shoes are going to totally change your climbing game.

rock climbing reality

Reality: Your feet are screaming in pain on the V0 warmup. 

rock climbing reality


Expectation: Your try hard face is Facebook profile-worthy.

try hard face

Reality: Maybe not.

Photo Credit:

We love you, Angie 🙂


Expectation: How you coil your rope.

Photo Credit:

Reality: How you actually coil your rope.


Expectation: Your post-climbing dinner.


Reality: But a beer and burger call your name.

Photo Credit: This Sandwich, That Beer


Expectation: A peaceful day outside with you and your partner alone in nature.


Reality: Everyone else had the same idea.



Expectation: That move is way too long for me!  

Amarillo Sunset, 11.b. Photo credit: Tracey Mullen

Reality: You nail it. Cos you’re a badass.

Climb on!

*Click through photos for credits.

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3 thoughts on “Rock Climbing: Expectation vs. Reality

  1. This is fantastic and so true! Love it <3

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  3. Katie says:

    Is that Amarillo Sunset?! Pretty sure I had that caption above my head too!

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