Ashima is the First Female to Send V15!

Ashima Shiraishi V15

Ashima Shiraishi climbing Horizon (V15). Photo from Ashima’s Instagram.

Today Ashima Shiraishi announced that she sent Horizon (V15/8C) in Hiei, Japan, making her the first female and youngest climber EVER to climb V15! Horizon was first climbed by Dai Koyamada in 2015, who told that the boulder, “has 30 moves, the first half is endurance while the second half requires power and endurance for continuous hard sequences.” Of her send Ashima says, “My dream came true!!!!!!! 😍 I can’t believe that I have become the 1st female to do a V15 and the youngest person ever!!!!” She goes on to thank Dai and announces that we will be able to watch her send in Reel Rock 11.

Huge congratulations to Ashima! We cannot wait to see the film of your send and continue to watch you take the climbing world by storm!

Climb on!

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2 thoughts on “Ashima is the First Female to Send V15!

  1. bieber4lyfe! says:

    This is an especially beautiful ascent due to Dai’s insistence of its difficulty as upper end V15 or possible V16. Hopefully she can consolidate the grade quickly (at this rate, there’s no doubt) so that haters whispering about “unconfirmed” nonsense have no ground to stand on (let’s be straight forward – I’m calling out people who downgraded her post-break ascent of Ciudad de Dios. Note that those were all armchair downgrades and lacked the one ingredient needed for credibility: sending).

  2. steve says:

    I think there’s a far greater significance here than just being the first female to climb V15. This is the first time in history women have reached the same top level as men. It’s a huge psychological breakthrough, not just for Ashima, but for women’s climbing in general.

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