Crux Crush Line of Organic Climbing Tools


Today’s economy of abundance is destroying our precious planet and littering the crags that we love so dearly. We want you, socially and environmentally responsible climber, to limit your impact on the environment when choosing your gear. In response, Crux Crush has been working with climbers, environmentalists, and a whole bunch of hippies to design a line of essential climbing gear that Mother Nature herself would endorse, bringing climbing and our earth back into equilibrium.


Actual Organic Bouldering Pad – Our bouldering pad is guaranteed made in America, 100% fair trade. Prepared and assembled throughout the year, our pad becomes available each Autumn. As believers in giving back to the earth, the Actual Organic Bouldering Pad is 100% biodegradable and sustainable, returning to the earth at the end of bouldering season in the spring, and recycled each fall.

The Original Stick Clip – We urge you to do the right thing when it comes to protecting yourself, your climbing partner, and our earth: tread lightly and carry a large stick. Designed and nurtured by decade old pine, oak, and ash trees, and meeting all environmental standards, the Original Stick Clip can be modified to meet the contours of your hand, allowing you to become one with the first bolt and the earth.


Environmentally Responsible Utensils – Just as your food travels through your body to return full circle to whence it came, so too should your utensils. Our locally sourced, organic utensils create a symbiotic relationship with your locally sourced, organic food and are 100% biodegradable. Inspired by our Asian brothers and sisters’ chopsticks, Crux Crush utensils allow you pretend you are worldly.

Bio-diverse Lingettes de le derriere – Our earth is as diverse as our bowel movements and therefore demands a bountiful variety of Lingettes de le derriere. Our environmentally friendly lingettes provide infinite possibilities and undeniable comfort for derrieres of all shapes and sizes. Grown without toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, our lingettes meet the highest standard in the textile industry, for environmental health and safety.  Not guaranteed allergen free.


Nonviolent Spider Wand – As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Crux Crush values the common threads connecting all of nature’s creatures, big and small. Our organic Nonviolent Spider Wand allows the climber to be mindful of our community and common threads, while brushing a path for climbing.

Equity Blocks – Equality is one of our core values at Crux Crush. Stemming from the heart of who we are, we developed Equity Blocks to ensure equal rights and access on climbs, to all climbers, no matter how vertically challenged they may be. Our Equity Blocks double as training weight when carried to and from the crag.

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Climb on!
Cate & Meg

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