Our silky, smooth, totally holdable hands.12930987_1740964396190426_437748357_n


Out-lifting dudes in the gym.


Zipping up dresses over our lats.


Battered and bruised legs, just in time for summer.


Unnecessary spotting.


When hair meets GriGri.


Mani pedis are a total waste of money.


OMG, shoes!

Climb on!
Mary & Emily

*Click through photos for source.

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8 thoughts on “#ClimberGirlProblems

  1. Lisa says:


  2. UKGirlClimber says:

    all of it is so true!

  3. bieber4lyfe! says:

    Oh SNAP! That was Joey-Blue-Eye’s PR and he got pwned by a lady-crusher! Whooooo. Doesn’t he look silly now.

  4. Bdom says:

    SO TRUE!!! Looking for a clothing line for ladies with climbing shoulders.

  5. Count of Undolpho says:

    Unnecessary spotting. Yeah, sorry, that was me.

    I’ve got better since I got daughters oddly enough

  6. Katie O'Grady says:

    Ugh dresses. I once leant over a table in a bar to get a drink and ripped the back of my dress open. Like the hulk. Feminine. Wore my sister jacket the rest of the night!

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  8. Hello Friday says:

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