My Hand Care Routine with Get Giddy + Giveaway!

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From torn pulleys to split tips to flappers, we tear up our hands, inside and out. Today, with the help of Get Giddy and a few other techniques, we’re taking some time to give our hands the care and attention they deserve. While you’ll have to figure out the specifics of your own hand care routine, here’s what I like to do keep my hands happy.

Skin Treatment


Sanding. I like to use a sanding block to slough off any torn skin and to reduce calluses. Yes, some callusing is a good thing, but if they get too raised you run the risk of tearing them off at unexpected times while climbing. I always sand when my skin is totally dry (not right after a shower, for example). Sanding while your hands are wet can result in taking off too much skin and leaving you with that baby soft stuff underneath. While there are lots types of blocks to choose from, I prefer medium grit with angled sides.

Salve. Like sanding, I use salve as needed rather than at a prescribed time. When my hands feel particularly dry or beat up from climbing I apply salve all over my hands, paying special attention to cracked areas and calluses. I apply at night so that the salve can do it’s thing and I don’t get my stuff (phone, wine glass, whatever else I’m touching) covered in salve. I find it especially important to bring salve and the rest of my hand care kit with me on climbing trips; new rock can do a number on your skin. Get Giddy makes several great salves from 100% all natural ingredients. Unlike some other salves I’ve tried, theirs aren’t too oily but are still really easy to apply. They leave my skin feeling smooth and repaired the day after treatment and come in lots of great scents including cooling mint, lavender, and sweet orange.

Tendon Care

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Self Massage. To give my tendons some relief, I get the blood flowing with self massage. On each section of my finger I use my other hand to apply pressure in an up-down motion. I work each side of the tendon, but I don’t rub side-to-side, just up and down. To enhance the effects of the massage I like to use a joint and tendon balm, like the one pictured above. Get Giddy’s joint, tendon, and muscle balm contains several all natural oils, glucosamine, and MSM, which is a sulfur that aids in maintaining the structure of connective tissue. The combination of ingredients is designed to sink deep into your skin to help heal and soothe your tendons. The balm also helps your fingers slide around easier during the massage and you can really feel a soothing, tingling sensation during and after your massage.FullSizeRender (4)

Acupressure Rings. I like to stimulate activity and increase blood flow to my fingers with acupressure rings. I begin by rubbing my hands with joint, tendon, and muscle balm and then roll the rings up and down each finger. I love that they are super affordable and simple to use.

Get (Yourself Some) Giddy

In addition to salves and balms Get Giddy has a whole line of great products including, lip balms, body butters, face and body scrubs, and now chalk bags. Head over to their website to see all they have to offer, and enter to win a prize pack worth over $50 below!

Climb on!

*This post is sponsored by Get Giddy, a brand we fully support and believe in.

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