Girl Crush of the Month: Laura Rogora

Laura Rogora

Laura making Italian history on Grandi Gesti (9a/5.14d)

This month we’re crushing on the Ashima of Italy, Laura Rogora. The 14-year-old is the reigning Italian champion in both speed and lead disciplines and earned bronze in lead at the World Youth Championships in 2015. “Yeah, yeah, another comp kid,” you may be thinking, but Laura has impressive talent outdoors as well. Like other teenagers, she enjoys listening to music and chatting with her friends, but in her spare time she’s also become the first Italian female ever to climb 9a/5.14d with her send of Grandi Gesti. What strikes us most about Laura is her impressive focus and maturity both on and off the wall.

Laura Rogora

Competing and winning at the most recent European Youth Cup (July 2016)

For Laura, like many of us, climbing is much more about the mental game than the physical. She tells us, “When I am climbing I feel at peace with myself and every thought goes away. I am focused only on the rock or on the holds.” There is no doubt that this focus helped her send the 40-meter cave, Grandi Gesti, in Sperlonga, Italy. Of her experience she shares, “I tried this route for the first time in January this year. I wasn’t in my best shape and the last holds were wet but it seemed too hard for me so I decided to abandon the project. Two weeks later I came back feeling stronger so I decided to try the moves again. After many tries I finally stuck them! I was really excited. Now I was sure that I would be able to sent the route and about one month later it happened!!! Sending this fantastic line was awesome!!”

Laura Rogora

Spending some quality time with her mamma e papà

While Laura loves competing and is currently focused on training for the World Youth Championship in November, climbing outside will always be a priority. She says, “I love being in contact with nature. On the rock there are different methods to climb a hard route. I love finding different holds to make moves and trying my hardest to stick every move. Finally, I love that the competition is only between myself and the rock.” She had her start in the crags around Rome, where her father, also a climber, first took her outside at the age of 4. From then, she was hooked, and continued to climb and train more indoors.

With all of Laura’s recent success, we’re sure we’ll be seeing many more impressive sends and wins from this rising star. Best of luck to Laura at the World Championship and with her next big project!

Climb on!

To see Laura in action check this out:

All photos from Laura’s Instagram

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