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Shoe Review – Evolv Elektra

03_29_electraBehold, the most ubiquitous women’s climbing shoe!  You see at least twenty ladies padding around in them like a pair of beloved house slippers every time you go to the local gym.  They are cute, with their pleasing bright purple hue, and user-friendly velcro.  But these shoes are more than just a pretty face, I would go as far as to say they are a very important shoe for the new climber.  Here’s why:

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Shoe Review: Evolv Geshido SC

Evolv Geshido

The last time I wore an Evolv shoe was six years ago, when I first started climbing. I wore a hole through the 2007 version of the Evolv Elektras, thanked Evolv for a great beginner, intro shoe and moved onto a more aggressive climbing shoe of a different brand. As it came time to buy new shoes over the last six years, I hadn’t much considered Evolv, until the last two years when they began transforming their identity and shoe design, producing much more performance-oriented shoes such as the Evolv Geshido. (It also didn’t hurt to have Chris Sharma and Lisa Rands as part of their design team). Today we review the Geshido SC, which by just looking at it, one can tell that Evolv has stepped up their game. Here’s why:

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Shoe Review – Evolv Shaman


I bought these shoes right before our trip to Puerto Rico in February.  It was the day before the trip and my La Sportiva Miuras weren’t back in time from being resoled, so I was in desperate need of a reliable pair of shoes.  I was looking for a tight, but comfortable, all-day shoe for sport climbing.  A friend recommended these, and I was able to demo them at my gym, so pretty soon these guys were in my suitcase and headed for some rainforest climbing adventures.

Besides being voted Editor’s Choice by Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, you know this shoe has gotta be good because every aspect, right down to the, ahem…”Love Bump” was designed by Chris Sharma himself.  So, wanna know more about Sharma’s “Love Bump”? Then do read on:

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Shoe Review – La Sportiva Miura VS


You’ve worn a hole through your first pair of climbing shoes because it turns out that you really like climbing (you might even be a little addicted to it). You’re ready for a new pair of shoes and are looking for a high performance shoe, convinced that it is most definitely the shoe that stands between you sending or not sending your project. When it comes to women’s high performance shoes, I count a total of 7 options available in the US. I’m not sure whether Missy, Mary, and I all just copied each other, or La Sportiva’s Miura VS is simply the best high performance shoe, but as we all own a pair of these, Crux Crush is giving you not one but three reviews of the Miura VS.

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