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Survey: Climbing & Income

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As the sport of climbing grows, we want to to be able to share our love of it with everyone. However, the reality is that climbing can be an expensive sport, whether it’s a gym membership, new shoes, or (gasp!) a trad rack.

Here at Crux Crush, we want to learn more about accessibility to climbing, both indoors and out, and how finances play a role. Share your input in the survey below, and stay tuned for a more in-depth look at this issue!

CXC Climbing & Income Survey

Climb on!

Women on Lead: Interview with Jessica Mor, Founder of 3rd Rock

jess bouldering in Italy

Jess sporting a 3rd Rock sports bra that she designed

The climbing industry is full of innovative and creative people who use their talents to come up with ways that we climbers can have an even better experience on the wall. The past few decades have given us lighter gear, better and harder ways to train, and opened up countless new routes in beautiful places that will keep us climbing for as long as we could possibly want. And now, thanks to a fun new company out of the UK called 3rd Rock, we even get clothing designed specifically for climbing! We sat down with the founder of 3rd Rock, Jessica Mor, to learn a little more about the climbing-focused, responsibly-made clothing her company produces.

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Women on Lead: Cara Dozier, Owner of Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Cara Dozier

Cara and her family outside the Virginia Beach Rock Gym

Climbing gyms are perhaps the most valuable tool that we climbers have to build strength, improve technique, and prepare us physically and mentally to get out and crush on real rock. Gyms are probably where most of us started, and where a lot of people will end up staying, as indoor climbing quickly becomes a sport of its own. So while we love spending hours in these buildings with ever-changing routes, perfect conditions year-round, and an atmosphere that encourages and builds our beloved community, it’s easy to forget that climbing gyms are a business, and running one takes a lot of hard work. While it’s still a very male-dominated industry, more women are taking leadership roles in building these places up. As business owners, climbers, and very often wives and mothers, they juggle more than we would ever guess from the outside. Blending your passion and career is tough, but those who take it on are strong, confident–and they’re a force to be reckoned with.

I had the chance to sit down and chat with Cara Dozier, co-owner of the family-owned and operated Virginia Beach Rock Gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and one of those very women making an impact in the climbing community. Cara’s personality exudes kindness, warmth, and a very notable confidence, which serves her well in dealing with the challenges of owning a rock gym in a place as foreign to climbers as Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach isn’t exactly known for its climbing–it’s flat, featureless, and the closest elevation gain is about 4 hours away. Despite those challenges, Cara has spent almost her entire life helping to build the passionate and eager climbing community that exists here today.

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Shoe Review: La Sportiva Katana Lace

La Sportiva Katana Lace

There’s no doubt that La Sportiva is one of the most trusted brands of climbing shoes out there, and for good reason–their shoes consistently perform well, are incredibly reliable, and they tend to look pretty darn good on top of all that. The La Sportiva Katana Lace, while may be slightly less known than the Muira or Solution, is no exception. I bought these shoes after trying them on at an outdoor store in West Virginia–my Five Ten Anasazis were succumbing to a giant hole in the right toe, and I had no time to get them resoled before my next climbing trip a few days later. I wanted a good introductory aggressive shoe, and the Katana Lace did not disappoint!

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