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Improving Climbing Performance with the Trailside Kitchen

Psyched on all the veggies!

Before trying out the Trailside Kitchen, I’d never attempted any sort of sustained dietary modification. Most of my meal planning revolves around trying to balance medical school and climbing on a budget. My favorite crag snack is Goldfish, and, more often than I’d like to admit, my pre-climbing breakfast is cannoli from the Italian bakery around the corner (since that’s the only thing open at 6:30 am most Saturdays in my neighborhood). I cook and eat homemade meals about half of the time, but also admit that it is time for some changes so that I can continue to accomplish my career and climbing goals in good health for years to come.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Libby Peter

Libby Peter exploring steep ice in Arctic Norway. Photo credit: Ben Winston

Libby Peter exploring steep ice in Arctic Norway. Photo credit: Ben Winston

Libby Peter is one of those women who can seamlessly do it all; she’s a pioneer female mountain guide in the UK and a mother to two fearless daughters, all the while continuing to push her limits in the mountains. As a young girl, she truly believed she was scared of heights and wouldn’t be any good at climbing, even though she loved being in the hills. However, when she was selected to participate in a school expedition to Arctic Norway, she got a formal introduction to the sport and was hooked.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016


One for me, one for you. That’s often how my holiday shopping goes. So here are our picks for you and your favorite climber this holiday season!

1. 3rd Rock Eden Trousers: Durable fabric, great colors, and design choices like a gusseted crotch, elastic waistband, and articulated knees make these one of my favorite pants to climb in. If you’d rather opt for a hoodie or tank, 3rd Rock has got tons of great ones for both men and women. To sweeten the deal, all 3rd Rock profit made on Black Friday will be donated to Climbers Against Cancer. AND, you can get free shipping with code GIVEORGANIC. Win, win, win.

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Women on Lead: Q&A with Ecuadorian Climber Andrea Castillo

Today’s Women on Lead post comes to us from Sarah Anne Perry, a writer and climber currently living, climbing, and blogging from her current home base in Quito, Ecuador. Check out her blog Eat & Climb to keep up with her adventures!

Lady crusher Andrea Castillo is a climber, coach, and entrepreneur in Quito, Ecuador. She knows the Colorado-sized country’s cliffs and mountains, and as she works to get Ecuador’s women on the rock, she’s also putting its climbing on the map.

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Approach Shoe Review – Fall 2016

Since we probably spend more time in our approach shoes than our actual climbing shoes, it’s worth investing in a pair that can help you scramble up a tough approach, hike off a multipitch, and be comfortable enough to belay in for hours.  Below are our picks for the season:


Arc’teryx Arakys – What I love about these shoes is that while they may be approach shoes, they are cute and stylish at the same time, coming in a great bright teal color that doesn’t get scuffed too easily. I usually wear a 7.5 when it comes to regular shoes, but for these I had to size down to a 7 since they run a little big. These shoes are designed to be minimalist and so rather than having bulky laces that get tangled, they use a buckle strap to make putting them on quick and efficient. They are super comfortable and have great arch support, so if you are flat footed or require shoes with added support, these shoes will keep your feet happy. The outsole is made of Vibram rubber, a high friction rubber, which makes scrambling up 4th class approaches very secure. Not only are they good for any type of terrain, they are good for almost all types of weather. I wore them in a downpour for a good half an hour and was surprised to find the inside of my shoes only slightly damp. The mesh around the shoe also makes the shoe very breathable making it a perfect hot weather shoe. The heel is collapsible, making it a perfect belay slipper. Arc’teryx is known to be expensive, so $150 may seem steep for a pair of approach shoes, but for the the price, this shoe is definitely worth it. I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them!

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Reddy Yeti Giveaway Featuring Kush Climbing


Today, we’re partnering with ReddyYeti to bring you a giveaway featuring products by Kush Climbing. Their hemp pads earn an A+ in the sustainability department–even the nylon is made from recycled deep sea fishing nets. We’re crushing on their crash pads and products: founded by climber couple Kim & Kyle, inspired by a dirtbagging adventure, and featuring unbeatable options for customized graphics! Check out their Kickstarter video and hear more about their story over on ReddyYeti.


kush-climbing-crash-pad-gifThe OG Kush Crash Pad


Kush Climbing Duffel Bag

Crux Crush Kush Climbing Giveaway

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Building Your Van: Tips From A Girl in the Process


Today’s post is brought to you by Sarah Coburn, a 22 year-old climber who just left New York for the west in her unfinished van. For building updates, tips and adventures follow her on Instagram @solarlunar__totallytubular.

Van life sounds sweet, right? No cares in the world, driving on the open road, feeling like a modern day-rock climbing-Jack Kerouac—it all sounds pretty good. Once van life starts, maybe it will be just like the climbing movie trailer of your dreams. Maybe your life will turn into a montage of sunshine and cruising your projects. But first, there is work to be done. And lots of it. My partner and I are in the process of creating our home on wheels in a used Ford Transit van. We were psyched when we first got it, and we had no idea how much work it would take. I am writing to share some of what we have learned so far, through lots of trial and error. This list is to give you the beta on some things you may not expect when pondering #vanlife and building out your dream-mobile.

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Tips from the Pros: For Beginners

A photo posted by Crux Crush (@cruxcrush) on

Today, Alex Beale from 99Boulders — a site focusing on climbing gear and training — joins us to share training advice he dug up from some of the world’s greatest climbers.

1. Alex Honnold

On what he would do if he had to coach a beginner climber:

“If I was trying to train someone to be a good rock climber, I would focus on movement and technique and footwork… The right things [in climbing] are movement and technique. So how you move over the rock. It has nothing to do with how well you can hold on or how hard you pull. It has to do with knowing where your center of mass is and being able to move your body around in the right way so that you can stay balanced over your feet and you can move yourself upward with your feet.”

Source: The Tim Ferriss Show

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Reel Rock 11!

This week, we’re psyched to share the recently released Reel Rock trailer, featuring Ashima and Brette Harrington as the stars of the show (in our biased opinion, anyways). Hop on over to the Reel Rock tour website for your local showings and get some friends together to check it out.

Climb on!

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How Not to Be the Crag N00b

Have shiny new gear, will climb! Photo credit:

Have shiny new gear, will climb! Photo credit:

Making the transition from sport climbing at the gym to the crag is unlike any other feeling; you’re no longer bound to color-coded plastic routes and greasy foot chips. The smell of fresh air, the mountains surrounding you, and the touch of real rock under your fingertips gives you an indescribable sense of excitement and freedom. Reflecting back on my early days at the crag, I cringe a bit at the memory of the silly mistakes I made in my sheer excitement that may have compromised the safety of myself, my fellow climbers, and the well-being of the crag. To save you the embarrassment of the mistakes I’ve made along the way, I’ve compiled a few tips:

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