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At the Intersection of Art & Adventure


Reflecting on art, adventure, and all they have in common.

As a seasoned traveler, I have collected a sizable box of maps. I’m talking about the kind of maps you can physically hold, draw on, and fold up without a zoom option or satellite. Maps are a historical log of my experiences. They participate in every step of the adventure: the planning, the action, and the reflection. When there is not an obvious route, however, I sometimes bushwhack and put my faith in a less-sure navigation system. And just like any wanderlusting, adventurous, or entrepreneurial person knows, meaningful life elements are often the best signposts for those trail deviations. For me, art and adventure act as the North and South poles in my life to keep me balanced and on course.

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The Art of the Climbing Community

Today our guest contributor, Meg, combines her love for climbing, art and the community. She will be collecting images via email, Facebook or Insatgram using the hashtag #ConnectwithSmithRock, and then will transform those images into art. Get involved!

MKahnle-painting example

One of Meg’s previous pieces: a mixed media collection of maps, tickets, notes, and memories.

It was 2am on a Friday and I was just leaving the office. Coffee in hand, car packed and music blaring, I got on the highway with the windows rolled down and drove east. I was determined to get to camp like I promised. The Dollar Tree parking lot provided a great nap location and I had the car started again by sunrise. Physically I was exhausted, running on empty, and bubbling over with excitement as I awkwardly parked my Subaru on an incline next to our packed campsite. Success! I had made it in time for breakfast. These are my people. The folks I love to be around even if no one has showered in over a week. The guys and gals that share food, beverages, gear, laughter, rides, and stories around a campfire. The people that exemplify a spirit for adventure. These are climbers.

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