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Vian Charbonneau is a thug, sends Thug Life (5.13d)

Climbing takes strength, flexibility, technique, precision, focus, and the ability to keep your cool even when you’re hanging upside-down many feet away from your bolt. In this video of Vian Charbonneau you see all these skills put together, as she takes down this steep, overhanging beast of a climb, Thug Life 5.13d in Red River Gorge.  Watching this video is a lesson in not only cutting your feet like a boss, but also using amazing footwork (and let’s not forget her brute strength, there’s that too) to move through a really sustained overhanging route.  What’s really cool to watch is that she has a very definitive style.  Earlier this year Vian also earned an FFA of Divine Fury, 5.14b in Maple Canyon, Utah.   So clearly homegirl loves an overhanging route.  See video of the send here.

We’ll continue to watch out for what Vian does next!

-Climb (Thug) On!


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Rock Roots: Anna Morenz


Anna Morenz, 22-years-old at her home crag, Rumney, NH.

When we interviewed uber strong boulderer Angie Payne at The Heist in September, she commented that the people who inspire her most aren’t necessarily the Chris Sharmas and Sasha DiGiulians, but the everyday people who, despite working a full-time job and balancing all the other responsibilities of life, are getting after it. When they get the chance to climb, they CLIMB. These weekend warriors have moving stories of improvements and setbacks, and although the result of their journeys may not make headlines, we find their challenges to be just as inspiring, if not more relatable! In this new CXC feature ,“Rock Roots”, Lily He (guest contributor and bad-ass weekend warrior in her own right) spotlights the local community climber who you see crushing at the crag each weekend, and takes a look at their climbing “roots”. For our first Rock Roots feature, Lily talks with Anna Morenz who inspires everyone with her crazy crimp strength, but even more so with her balanced mentality about climbing while simultaneously pursuing other life goals. Read on for the interview with Lily and Anna!

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