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Girl Crush of the Month: Jen Vennon

Jen Vennon on Stockboy’s Revenge, 5.14b/c. Photo credit: RifleClimbers.org.

September’s girl crush epitomizes not only the climber we desire to become, but also the character of person we aspire to emulate. She is none other than 5.14 climber and kindergarden teacher, Jen Vennon. Climbing since 2000, the 30-year-old has stamped her mark on the Colorado Rifle climbing scene, claiming the first female ascent of Stockboy’s Revenge (5.14b/c) and being only the second female to send the 7PM Show (5.14a). DPM reported Stockboy’s Revenge to be the hardest route sent by a woman at Rifle. (If she’s starting to sound a bit more familiar, you may have also seen her on the cover of Rock and Ice last year). What makes Jen stand out from the rest is her modesty. Implicit in climbing as hard as Jen does while also teaching kindergarden, is a sense of humility. She accepts no sympathy and refuses to let her height (5’3″), reach (she has a negative ape index), or being surrounded by Rifle guy beta be an excuse. Friends acknowledge her refusal to back down from anything and Jen confirms her determination to meet a goal once she’s set it.

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