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Aleksandra Taistra: Obsession & Balance

by Michal Lesniewski www.fotolesny.pl 3

Today we’ve got a special feature on Polish climber Aleksandra (Ola) Taistra by Zofia Reych of the UK blog Up That Rock. When she’s not busy managing her own training regime and sending 5.14s, Aleks spends her time  preparing training plans for climbers and coaching a team of young athletes. Aleks has even become Zofia’s online coach! So here’s a little piece on the truly amazing and multi-talented Aleks (Ola) Taistra. 

At sixteen, Aleksandra Taistra was a well behaved young lady. She was hoping to become a vet and start working with her beloved horses. Yet summer holidays brought an abrupt change of direction in her life as her mum sent her on a climbing camp to Jura, the biggest sport climbing region in Poland. Like so many others, she was instantly hooked. Unlike others, and much to the horror of her parents, in the first days after the holiday she threw away all the furniture from her room and built a training wall. Two years later she started university, but quickly dropped out, moved in with her boyfriend/coach, and began chasing her dream.

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Happy Sending Weekend!

Here’s a little weekend video inspiration from Barbara Zangerl to send you out to crush your projects over the weekend. Back in 2012, Barbara ambitiously tackled leading a nine-pitch crack line of 8a difficulty in Tecino, Switzerland. In doing so, the 25-year old Austrian reminds us what climbing is all about: the adventure, pushing your limit, and putting in the work to do what inspires you. Channel her spirit this weekend! If you need a little more inspiration, Isabelle Faus just recently sent Clear Blue Skies, (V11) in Mt. Evans, Aleksandra Taistra sent A media esta, (8b/5.13d) in Rodellar, and down south in Brazil, Bianca Castro sent Filezão, (8a/5.13b) in Barinnha. Strong sends ladies!

As for our weekend plans? Crux Crush will be helping out the Western Mass Climbers’ Association and the Access Fund with some trail restoration at Farley, MA. Next weekend we’re hitting up Rumney to do some trail improvement with the Rumney Climbers Association. If you’re in the New England area and have benefitted from the stellar climbing at these two areas, stop by and lend a hand. Happy crux-crushing – climb on! ~Cate

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Alizée Dufraisse: Falling In Love

“The relation I have with the route, it’s like a lot of love…it’s a story between the route and me.”

Alizée may have been talking about falling in love with a specific route, but this video makes us fall in love with her and her approach to climbing and life. We’ve reported on Alizée’s passion for climbing before and for some time now she’s caught our attention with her first female ascents of El Mon de Sofi (5.14a) and La Reina Mora (5.14b/d), and her send of Patinoso (5.14c). If you aren’t already swooning, here’s a little clip from Prana about Alizée Dufraisse that takes place in the fairyland of Siurana, Spain, that will make you fall a little in love with the French climber as well as give you some inspiration to get you through your hump day.

While we’re at it, we also want to give Sasha DiGiulian a high five for her onsight of Hard Crit (8a+) at Margarlef, and also shout out Aleksandra Taistra for her send of Florida L1 (8a+) at Rodellar.

Climb on! ~Cate

Info thanks to 8a.nu and Prana Ambassadors.

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Weekly Sends Courtesy of Ola and Alex


Aleksandra “Ola” Taistra on Les Cadres Regeneren (8a) in Rodellar, Spain

Aleksandra “Ola” Taistra had a pretty spectacular week at La Muela in Spain, sending two 8b’s and an 8a+. That’s two 5.13d’s and one 5.13c in the span of a few days! Ola caught our eye a few months ago in this impressive video of her sending Cosi Fan Tutte (8c+/5.14c).

In bouldering news, Italian climber Alexandra Ladurner flashed Dark Dog (V10) in Zillertal, Austria. Adding to this already impressive feat, no other 8a.nu member has reported flashing this problem, male or female. Of Dark Dog, Alexandra says, “Totally unexpected. Maybe completely my style…great day!”

Climb on ladies!

(Info and Photo Credits: 8a.nu and Wojtek Kozakiewicz)

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Nothing’s stopping these ladies!

Andrea Hah 2

Andrea Hah, Aleksandra Taistra and Matilda Söderlund aren’t letting anything stand in their way! Each one has earned the reputation of being a spectacularly strong climber in their home countries, and world-wide, and they are only upping the ante. Andrea Hah recently earned the title of being the 2nd Australian woman to climb 5.14b (shown in the picture above). Today she sent Bandula, (8b+/5.14a), in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Alexsandra Taistra claims a similar title in her home country: she is the first Polish female to send a route of the 8c+ difficulty. Today she sent Rima Libre (8a/5.13b). And then there’s Swede Matlida Söderlund, who shows no signs of slowing down, sending Fish Eye (8c/5.14b) in Oliana today – on her 3rd go.

Keep on crushing and inspiring ladies!

Climb on! ~Cate

Info and picture thanks to 8a.nu.

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Aleksandra Crushes With Grace

This video was submitted to Crux Crush by alert reader Keith Hengen (thanks Keith) who saw this video of Aleksandra Taistra climbing this 8c+ (5.14c!) in Rodellar with amazing accuracy and cool, and knew we had to post it here.

This video is stunning, and makes me want to go there!  I love the part where she is rehearsing her moves, and then it cuts to her actually doing them on the wall! She is so precise, it’s nuts.  Also, I really wish I knew what she is saying in the end. Any ideas? Enjoy!


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