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Girl Crush of the Month: Janja Garnbret


Janja stopping the show at this year’s La Sportiva Legends Only Comp. Photo by Lars Lindwall.

This past weekend our girl crush of the month, 16-year-old Janja Garnbret, dominated at the women’s only La Sportiva Legends Only Competition. I’m not using the word dominated for effect either; she completed all 5 problems in just 7 total tries, while the other competitors completed 3 problems… combined. So who were these other climbers then? Only repeated World Cup medalists Anna Stöhr, Juliane Wurm, Shauna Coxsey, and Melissa Le Neve. Her performance at this comp alone was enough to pique our interest and reminded us that young guns are coming up and they’re coming up strong.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Akiyo Noguchi


Akiyo on the podium as the 2014 IFSC Boulder World Cup Champ

Just last weekend, 25-year-old, Japanese climber Akiyo Noguchi clinched the title of 2014 IFSC Boulder World Cup Champion for the 3rd time in her climbing career! Since 2008, she and Anna Stöhr have bounced back and forth as overall champ each year (’08, ’11, ’12, ’13: Stöhr; ’09, ’10, ’14: Noguchi), but this time Akiyo edged out the competition. You may already be thinking, “Okay, okay, another super strong comp boulderer;” slow your roll and let me tell you that not only is Akiyo an accomplished boulderer, she also has several podium finishes in Lead World Cup comps and some stellar outdoor sends on boulders and routes.

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IFSC World Cup Begins with German Victory

wurm WC

Juliane Wurm wins the first of 8 competitions in the World Cup Series

Last night (or early this morning, depending on your time zone), marked the first IFSC Bouldering World Cup competition of 2014. It was the first in a series of 8 competitions that will eventually crown the strongest competition climbers in the world. In 2013, the series was dominated by Austrian climber, Anna Stöhr, who took first place in 7 of the 8 competitions. Last night in Chongqing, China both the women’s and men’s competitions were won by German climbers: Juliane Wurm and Jan Hojer . Here’s how the results shook out:

1st – Juliane Wurm (Germany)
2nd – Shauna Coxsey (Great Britain)
3rd – Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)
4th – Alex Puccio (USA)
5th – Anna Stöhr (Austria)

1st – Jan Hojer (Germany)
2nd – Dmitrii Sharafutdinov (Russia)
3rd – Jorg Verhoeven (Netherlands)
4th – James Kassay (Australian)
5th – Guillaume Glairon Mondet (France)

The second competition of the series will take place on May 3rd and 4th in Baku, Azerbaijan. For more details on the comp and how to watch it streaming check out the IFSC website. And in the meantime, get schooled on all things World Cup in our guide to the competition series.

Climb on!

Photo Credit: Juliane Wurm’s Facebook

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Anna Stöhr Sends TWO 8B/V13s in Rocklands

Anna on Power of One in Rocklands. Photo by Reinhard Fichtinger/La Sportiva

Anna on The Power of One. Photo by Reinhard Fichtinger|La Sportiva

25-year-old Austrian climber Anna Stöhr has earned two first female ascents of 8B/V13 boulders, The Power of One and The Vice, in Rocklands, South Africa. For the past 6 years in a row Anna has placed first or second overall in the ISFC Bouldering World Cup Series, but make no mistake, she is just as strong outside on real rock. In addition to her latest sends, she has climbed over 40 (yes 40!) double digit boulder problems. We are in awe of her strength and are psyched to watch as she continues to break into new grades and make climbing history. For more on Anna check out her website and watch this video from Red Bull.

Congrats Anna! Climb on!

(Info Credit: 8a.nu, lasportiva.com)

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Puccio Represents at Bouldering World Cup

Alex Puccio IFC

Crux Crush wants to give a shout out to Alex Puccio who was the only American, male or female to place in the top 6 at the Millau Bouldering World Cup. As the IFSC series continues, Alex continues to show her guns. For the second IFC comp in a row, Alex remains the only American female to qualify. She took 4th, among some exceptionally strong women. If you have three hours, you can watch the entire competition here, or you can just take our word for it that these ladies CRUSHED.

Women’s Final Results

1. Anna  Stöhr of Austria (second time in a row!)

2. Shauna Coxsey of Great Britain

3. Akiyo Noguchi of Japan

Stay tuned as the series continues with the next comp on April 26th & 27th in Austria, followed by more comps coming up in Slovakia, Innsbruck, Toronto, and Vail.

Info and image thanks to www.ifsc-climbing.org and Couleur Caillou.

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IFSC Boulder World Cup 2013 Results


The results of the International Federation of Sport Climbing Boulder World Cup are in! Congrats to podium finishers Anna Stöhr from Austria (1st, pictured above), Momoka Oda from Japan (2nd), and the US’s own Alex Puccio (3rd). You can check out the full results list here. Unfortunately, the event was streaming live from Chongqing, China so for us it was airing in the middle of the night. If you missed it like us, don’t fret, the IFSC will be releasing replay videos and we’ll have them here on Crux Crush as soon they’re out. Interestingly, out of 22 women, Alex Puccio was the only American to qualify into semi-finals, highlighting just how strong she is and also how incredibly strong lady-boulderers are worldwide.

Climb on!


(Photo credit: http://www.mammut.ch/)

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