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Girl Crush of The Month: Lizzy Asher


When we first met Lizzy at last month’s Iron Maiden bouldering competition (where she took second place just behind Angie Payne, BTW) we were impressed by her technique, strength, and the way she approached the day with the poise of a seasoned competitor. Well, it turns out that’s exactly what she is (and a lot more)!  Born in Austin, Texas and currently working on her PhD in Vancouver, Lizzy’s recent participation in the comp circuit has been somewhat under the radar. “I competed with great regularity all through college and until I began my PhD program at the University of British Columbia,” she explained, “I balance climbing and my other life goals sometimes with difficulty but always with great enthusiasm and true grit…I’m not happy being exceptionally good at one thing only-I would rather be very good at a few of them!”  When Lizzy isn’t climbing, she is out to sea (like, literally, on a sea vessel) for her research in oceanography and atmospheric sciences, traveling to Antarctica, the Arctic, and the Northeast Pacific.  Yet she somehow still manages to find time to climb 5.14, boulder V11 (and work V12, but we’ll get to that), and train for the upcoming World Cup Bouldering Series. So, if you haven’t heard of Lizzy yet, we have no doubt that you soon will.  Read on to find out more about our smarty-pants, seasoned, and super strong girl crush of the month!

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Iron Maiden Highlight Reel

Just in case you missed Crux Crush’s first all-female bouldering comp at MetroRock last Saturday – or if you want to be inspired by some incredibly talented, strong women, or if you want to see if you made the video cut, check out Louder Than 11’s Iron Maiden highlight reel. Get psyched for spring sending!

Climb on! ~Cate

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Iron Maiden Results


Angie and Lizzy race, seemingly in sync, to the top of Finals problems 3 and 4

Saturday, Crux Crush partnered with MetroRock to hold the first Iron Maiden, all-female bouldering competition. Young guns, citizens, and pros battled it out together (in the most polite of ways, of course) during the afternoon’s Redpoint round, all vying to become THE IRON MAIDEN. Surprising or not, as a female run comp, actual Iron Maiden music did not make the playlist…nor did we employ the Iron Maiden torture chamber. Instead, we reclaimed Iron Maiden as a title of women’s invincible determination and strength, expertly displayed by the competition’s nearly 100 female competitors.

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Rock Out at Iron Maiden – March 29th


Ladies, get ready to rock because Iron Maiden, MetroRock and Crux Crush’s first all-female bouldering competition, is just around the corner! Saturday, March 29th, ladies from across New England and as far away as Colorado and Texas, will descend upon MetroRock’s stage to try their hand at some of the best boulder problems in the land, set by members of the American Bouldering Series Nationals setting team as well as local lady setters. The goal of our event is not only to put all those months of winter training to the test, but to bring together the female climbing community for one rad event. No shirtless grunting dudes, or beta that dynos past your masterful crimp strength and delicate, balanced body positioning – just a bunch of psyched, supportive, and STRONG femme fatales – all vying to become THE IRON MAIDEN!

Faith, Rachel, and Toba practicing for Iron Maiden during a comp prep session at MetroRock

Faith, Rachel, and Tova practicing for Iron Maiden during a comp prep session at MetroRock

What do we mean by supportive? Think free mini post-climbing massages by a licensed massage therapist, physical therapist consults, and post-comp climbing specific yoga/stretches (and free Lululemon yoga mat give-away!). Add onto that chocolate, climber snacks, and more chocolate – because Taza Chocolate, Q’s Nuts, and Perfect Fuel Chocolate will all be there as part of our Vendor Maiden’s Fair, from 4-6pm, bringing together some of our favorite climbing, clothing, and snack vendors (a.k.a. functional, cute & yummy swag!).

To finish it all up – you get to see the strongest of the fair maidens battle it out during Finals, while you chillax with soda, beer and pizza! Expect to see some sweet prizes, thanks to our incredible event sponsors: Evolv, Mad Rock, La Sportiva, Mammut, New England ReSoul, Practical Climbing, Core Power, and ClimbOn.

Register online or the day of the comp. Dudes, parents, friends, and non-climber cheerleaders are all welcome! Hope to see you there!

If you’d like to support your fellow ladies by volunteering at the comp, or if you’re a local vendor that supports climbers and would like to join our Vendor Maiden Fair email us @ cruxcrush@gmail.com

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ABS Nationals Results

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods vying to hold onto their 2013 Nationals' titles. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods trying to hold onto their 2013 titles at this year’s ABS Nationals. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Setting challenging finals problems for the likes of Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, Jule Wurm, Angie Payne, Megan Mascarenas, Margo Hayes, and Grace McKeehan would be an exceptionally difficult task. Yet, the setters for the American Bouldering Series (ABS) Nationals rose to the occasion, delivering challenging yet interesting problems for the seven strong finalists. After Friday Qualifiers and Saturday morning Semi-Finals, these seven ladies powered through, ready to put their bouldering prowess to the test. Competitions are often so obviously tilted toward one competitor, however, it truly came down to the very last problem to see who would emerge as the winner. Angie Payne and Megan Mascarenas had strong starts, whereas Alex Puccio started off shaky. Sixteen year olds Margo Hayes and Grace Mckeehan also each had moments when it seemed the tables could turn in favor of any competitor.

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Keeping It All in Perspective: Interview with Angie Payne

Angie, keeping a sense of humor while trying incredibly hard, on European Human Being (V12)

Keeping a sense of humor while trying incredibly hard, on European Human Being (V12)

We’ve had a crush on Angie Payne ever since we watched her graceful power at The 2012 Dark Horse Comp. A climbing force inside and out, Angie has claimed the FFA of 30 boulder problems V9 and harder, not to mention being the first woman in the world to climb V13. Recently at The Heist, we had the opportunity to briefly interview her and were struck by her down-to-earth, thoughtful responses. Payne talked about the inspiration she finds in the every day climber, the “weekend warrior”, who finds a way to balance life responsibilities with hard climbing. We had the privilege of sitting down with Angie Payne to pick her brain about climbing, balance, perspective, and colonoscopies. Although Angie would humbly disagree, in talking with her, we’re pretty sure that she has figured out the secret to the climbing life. Be prepared to be enlightened:

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The Low Down on the Heist

The 6 finalists in The Heist prior to the unveliing of the 2 finals'boulder problems and 1 finals sport route: Meagan Martin, Delaney Miller, Francesca Metcalf, Angie Payne, Kyra Condie, and Sasha DiGiulian

The 6 finalists in The Heist: Meagan Martin, Delaney Miller, Francesca Metcalf, Angie Payne, Kyra Condie, and Sasha DiGiulian

As youth competitors, Lily Canavan, Gabby Harden, and Olivia Ray pointed out at The Heist, in what other sport do you have the opportunity to be cheered on by the best of the best in the sport? Yet, that was exactly the environment created last Saturday as Meagan Martin, Sasha DiGiulian, Angie Payne and other pros sat alongside their fellow Heist competitors, analyzing, strategizing, and beta-sizing the comp’s problems. Crux Crush took this opportunity to talk with the finalists and citizen competitors about the comp, their inspirations, and their predictions about the future. Today, we share their responses and some images of their strength.

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