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The Dynamics of Couples Climbing: An Interview with Courtney Woods

Climbing can take you beautiful places together. Photo credit: Courtney's Instagram

Climbing can take you beautiful places together.

Climbing with a significant other can be a hugely rewarding and supremely challenging experience. It builds trust like no other shared activity (you literally have your partner’s life in your hands on a regular basis!), but also comes fraught with challenges of figuring out how to best push and support each other on the wall. From arguments over who puts up the draws to sharing the joy of a couple’s send, we asked Courtney Woods to share her experience as a climber alongside husband Daniel Woods.

CXC: How have you influenced each other in climbing and life in general?

CW: We’ve known each other for 7 years now. Honestly, I can’t recall what it was like before. We just coexist. The hardest part is that we’re both really driven and sometimes that doesn’t always flow in the same direction. However, the positive aspect is that we always support each other in whatever goals we’re wanting to achieve without limits on each other’s freedom.

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