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The Dynamics of Couples Climbing: An Interview with Courtney Woods

Climbing can take you beautiful places together. Photo credit: Courtney's Instagram

Climbing can take you beautiful places together.

Climbing with a significant other can be a hugely rewarding and supremely challenging experience. It builds trust like no other shared activity (you literally have your partner’s life in your hands on a regular basis!), but also comes fraught with challenges of figuring out how to best push and support each other on the wall. From arguments over who puts up the draws to sharing the joy of a couple’s send, we asked Courtney Woods to share her experience as a climber alongside husband Daniel Woods.

CXC: How have you influenced each other in climbing and life in general?

CW: We’ve known each other for 7 years now. Honestly, I can’t recall what it was like before. We just coexist. The hardest part is that we’re both really driven and sometimes that doesn’t always flow in the same direction. However, the positive aspect is that we always support each other in whatever goals we’re wanting to achieve without limits on each other’s freedom.

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Ashima Shiraishi Earns FFA of The Swarm (V14)

Ashima sending The Swarm (V14) in Bishop, CA

With her dad faithfully spotting, Ashima sends The Swarm (V14)

Ashima Shiraishi has started 2015 off with a bang, sending her second V14, The Swarm in Bishop, CA today. The 13-year-old is one of only four females to have ever sent V14, and now she has earned the first female ascent of this famous and scary boulder. Before her, The Swarm was climbed by a number of super strong guys, including Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, and Dave Graham. On her Instagram Ashima wrote, “Ahhhh!!!! Sending has never felt this GOOD!!! Trying to get the first female ascent of The Swarm V14 was a huge mental battle for me! What a way to start the year!!!” Indeed. Happy new year to you, Ashima!

For more on the boulder check out this video of Brian Hendrick almost sending. Can’t wait to see a video of Ashima! I bet she’s got slightly different beta…

Climb on!

Info and Photo Credit: Ashima’s Instagram and Climbing Narc

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The Night Ashima Beat DWoods: Ring of Fire 2014


Now that I’ve finally picked my jaw up off the floor, I can sit down to recap last night’s Ring of Fire sport climbing competition finals at Central Rock Gym in Watertown, MA. OK, about the title, she didn’t EXACTLY beat Daniel Woods, but it was pretty amazing (I’ll explain below). First I have to say, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for in an indoor ropes comp. The 50 foot, overhung lead wall that is the centerpiece of the CRG Watertown gym is the impressive stage, and the spectators can watch the action comfortably from two different levels in the gym. The lighting, music, and emceeing were all on point, the energy was high, and everyone was having a great time. And the setting! Wow. The setting was made for high drama, with big dynamics, weirdo clipping stances, knee bars, and fun inverted movements that had competitors hanging from their toes! So who rose to the top of this stacked competition? Read on to find out.

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ABS Nationals Results

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods vying to hold onto their 2013 Nationals' titles. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods trying to hold onto their 2013 titles at this year’s ABS Nationals. (Photo credit: Climbing Magazine Instagram)

Setting challenging finals problems for the likes of Alex Puccio, Alex Johnson, Jule Wurm, Angie Payne, Megan Mascarenas, Margo Hayes, and Grace McKeehan would be an exceptionally difficult task. Yet, the setters for the American Bouldering Series (ABS) Nationals rose to the occasion, delivering challenging yet interesting problems for the seven strong finalists. After Friday Qualifiers and Saturday morning Semi-Finals, these seven ladies powered through, ready to put their bouldering prowess to the test. Competitions are often so obviously tilted toward one competitor, however, it truly came down to the very last problem to see who would emerge as the winner. Angie Payne and Megan Mascarenas had strong starts, whereas Alex Puccio started off shaky. Sixteen year olds Margo Hayes and Grace Mckeehan also each had moments when it seemed the tables could turn in favor of any competitor.

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Reel Rock 8 Film Review

This month Reel Rock kicked off its 8th annual international film tour. The tour is a compilation of some of the year’s best climbing related films from production companies like Big Up and Sender Films, among others. Reel Rock 8 is a collection of four films: The Sensei featuring the legendary Yuji Hirayama and Daniel Woods, Spice Girl featuring British trad climber Hazel Findlay, Stone Masters, a teaser clip from the documentary Valley Uprising, and High Tension, capturing the violent clash between Ueli Steck and the Sherpas on Everest. If you’re unfamiliar with the Reel Rock Tour you might brush it off as just another climbing movie; however, you would be missing out. Over the last 8 years, Reel Rock has crafted a masterful approach in capturing the sweat, passion, pain, psych, and drive behind climbers who are pushing the limit through breathtaking cinematography and a heart-pumping soundtrack. Following the 2010, ’11 and ’12 Reel Rock Films, I left ready to say, “screw work!”, hop in my car and drive straight to the crag, never looking back. Yet, this year’s film failed to build that same momentum.

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Ring of Fire Competition Recap


Meagan Martin on the women’s finals route

This weekend, Central Rock Hadley hosted their third annual Ring of Fire competition. Crux Crush was there from the beginning to the end as participants in the Intermediate category and observers of the phenomenally strong climbing that was going down. You name the strong route climber, they were there, and even a few boulderers attempting to defy their endurance odds to win a part of the $10,000 in cash prizes. What started as a laid back, chill, and very unique approach to the sport climbing comp built up to a dramatic dropping of a 60 foot tall curtain revealing the women’s and men’s finals routes, criss-crossing one another up the arch of the gym.  Read more on the comp below and check out more images of the comp in our photo gallery.

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Sasha takes 1st place at Ring of Fire Comp

DSC_0362As the rain came pouring down in New England and plans for climbing outside were abandoned, Central Rock Gym in Hadley, Massachusetts was just getting warmed up for their third annual Ring of Fire Sport Climbing Competition. It turns out $10,000 in cash prizes, plus Maxim ropes, 5.10 gear, Mad Rock shoesPetzl chalk bags, and Adidas jackets brings all the strong boys and girls to the yard. Crux Crush headed to central Mass to see first hand what it’s like to compete in the sport climbing comp, as well as to watch some of the strongest route climbers out there compete to win “the ring of fire.” (No, seriously, they really win a ring of fire, well maybe not fire, but a ring…and some serious cash money). In addition to the steep competition, the routes themselves required strength and the ability to read some impressive sequences – no competitor made it to the top of the men’s or women’s final’s routes. Read more on the comp and see some pretty rad photos here.

Women’s Open

First Place – Sasha DiGiulian

Second Place – Delaney Miller

Third Place – Chelsea Rude

Men’s Open

First Place – Jon Cardwell

Second Place – Daniel Woods

Third Place – Vasya Vorotnikov

We also want to give a shout out to Crux Crush’s own Mary Lambo, who took third in the Women’s Intermediate! You go girl!

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2013 SCS Nationals Highlights

In case you missed it last weekend, here’s the highlight video from the 2013 Sport Climbing Series National Championship. Enjoy Charlotte Durif’s super smart knee bar!

Climb on!

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