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Shoe Review: Evolv Geshido SC

Evolv Geshido

The last time I wore an Evolv shoe was six years ago, when I first started climbing. I wore a hole through the 2007 version of the Evolv Elektras, thanked Evolv for a great beginner, intro shoe and moved onto a more aggressive climbing shoe of a different brand. As it came time to buy new shoes over the last six years, I hadn’t much considered Evolv, until the last two years when they began transforming their identity and shoe design, producing much more performance-oriented shoes such as the Evolv Geshido. (It also didn’t hurt to have Chris Sharma and Lisa Rands as part of their design team). Today we review the Geshido SC, which by just looking at it, one can tell that Evolv has stepped up their game. Here’s why:

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