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Gear Review: Evolv Shaman LV


This is the first shoe I’ve ever owned that made me truly understand the technical edge that the right shoe can give you.  Maybe it’s partly that I’m getting better, so I’m understanding more nuance, but I’m also going to go with this being a kick-ass, really well-designed shoe. In fact, this shoe was designed by Chris Sharma with input from some of the biggest names in climbing, Daila Ojeda, Steph Davis, Emily Harrington, Lisa Rands, and Ashima Shiraishi, so you know they thought of everything.  This shoe was made specifically for the low volume (meaning narrower) foot to take down those steep to overhung climbs.  So, what kind of edge can this shoe give, you ask? How does this stack up against the original Evolv Shaman that we reviewed back in June? Read on to find out!

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Shoe Review – Evolv Shaman


I bought these shoes right before our trip to Puerto Rico in February.  It was the day before the trip and my La Sportiva Miuras weren’t back in time from being resoled, so I was in desperate need of a reliable pair of shoes.  I was looking for a tight, but comfortable, all-day shoe for sport climbing.  A friend recommended these, and I was able to demo them at my gym, so pretty soon these guys were in my suitcase and headed for some rainforest climbing adventures.

Besides being voted Editor’s Choice by Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, you know this shoe has gotta be good because every aspect, right down to the, ahem…”Love Bump” was designed by Chris Sharma himself.  So, wanna know more about Sharma’s “Love Bump”? Then do read on:

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