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Shoe Review: Five Ten Team VXi



When it comes to climbing shoes, I’m pretty high maintenance about comfort. It’s hard enough to trust my feet, let alone when they are shrieking in pain. I’ve got a low tolerance for long break-in periods, but want the performance of an aggressive shoe. Add to the equation that I’ve got small, flat, and wide feet which makes sizing in women’s shoes (which tend to be narrower) a challenge. Enter the Five Ten Team VXi. Before trying these on, I’d never fallen in love with a climbing shoe a mere week after trying them on. They aren’t an everyday shoe, but are a worthwhile addition to your climbing shoe arsenal for optimal performance on slick indoor holds and slabby routes.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Caroline Sinno

Caroline Sinno

Entrepreneur and climber, Caroline Sinno, has got lots to smile about. Photo by Nacho Grez.

For 31-year-old climber and entrepreneur Caroline Sinno, climbing is more than a sport; it’s the pillar she’s built her career on. Caroline began climbing in the forest of Fontainebleau with her parents, and has gone on to compile an impressive climbing resume including 105 boulders V9/7C and harder, including 3 of the grade V12/8A+. Aside from actually crushing on rock, Caroline is also a major player in the outdoor industry. A few years ago she founded the rapidly growing company Crimp Oil, which specializes in massage oils made for climbers which is rapidly expanding the range of products offered and its worldwide presence.

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How To Break In Too Tight Climbing Shoes


Ashima could not do a sick heel hook in ill-fitting shoes!

You know that feeling when you get a fresh new pair of climbing shoes, and they are so pretty, and you are so psyched on them?  And you insist that this is the correct shoe for you, as you cram and contort your foot to get the shoe on.  Then you start to climb in them and you’re thinking to yourself “Did my feet get bigger? I know I’m usually a size 38.” You make it through one climb, and wincing you take your shoe off, and your foot is already starting to look like something from a horror film.  Yeah, I’ve been there too.

I know for many of you diehards out there the solution for too tight shoes is “Suffer!! No pain no gain!” and that you in fact pride yourself on your feet growing weird new protrusions, and your toes folding over themselves, etc.  But what if you’re like me and you are basically…a huge baby when it comes to foot pain?  I’ll admit it!  If my feet are absolutely killing me, it’s hard for me to focus on climbing hard.  So what’s a gal to do when you plunked down a hefty chunk of change on shoes and you realize they don’t fit?  Today I’ve got some tips for all you tender-footed folks out there.

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Shoe Review: Five Ten Hiangle

Five Ten Hiangle Review

As much as we’re all obsessed with climbing, I think the climbing community may be even more obsessed with climbing shoes. I’ve tried on countless pairs, and maybe this isn’t the best way to start out a Five Ten review, but until now I was a La Sportiva kind of gal. For whatever reason they fit me best… until I slipped my foot into the latest high performance shoe from Five Ten. The Hiangle hugs my foot in all the right places and feels incredibly secure on steep terrain and small edges. Here are all the deets on this new release:

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Shoe Review – Five Ten Guide Tennie


Those of us who’ve tried hiking into a crag wearing flip flops or Chuck Taylors understand the importance of a good approach shoe. We learned the hard (ahem…stupid) way, but we’re finally seeing that scrambling up rocks is a whole lot easier and safer when you’ve got a sticky sole and some support. Here, in my long-term review of the Five Ten Guide Tennies, I’m giving the oft-forgotten approach shoe a little attention.

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