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Not Your Average (Chalk) Balls

How do you keep your hands chalked? Photo by

With so many chalk balls, how do you choose? Photo by @jiinetiics

For girls who care about which balls they squeeze, we tested a bunch of chalk dispensers that are slightly cooler than average. Does size matter to you? Care for a little friend in your chalk bag? Are the ethics of leave-no-trace high on your priority list? Scented chalk, anyone? There is something for everyone out there, so get comfortable while we give you the run down.

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Fall Climbing Essentials

Ahhhh, fall. The most wonderful time of the year. Here are a few items we’re loving for this season of sends:


1. Friction Labs Chalk – Chalk is chalk, right? Not so much. Friction Labs has created a different kind of chalk that truly keeps your hands drier for longer. Still skeptical? Try it for yourself in fine, chunky, or super chunky and use code cruxcrush to get 20% off any order now through October 10th. Really make it worth your while by starting a subscription and get 20% off the first month!

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