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Pack Review: Patagonia Cragsmith Pack 35L

Patagonia Cragsmith

Today’s review was written by CXC regular contributor Jess. Here’s what she thinks of the Patagonia Cragsmith.

After years of hauling my gear in tiny daypacks or oversized backpacking packs I decided it was time to finally invest in a specialized climbing pack. For me, the essential features of such a pack would include a padded waistband and a U shaped back pocket for easy gear access. I found these features in Patagonia’s fantastic Cragsmith.

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Gear Review: Autumn Bouldering Essentials


We’re in the height of bouldering season here in New England, so today we’re reviewing a few oft-forgotten but essential items that’ll make your chilly day out a bit cozier. With the help of these items you’ll avoid that painfully cold sensation in your hands and ever having to navigate your way back to the car with a flashlight app again.

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Gear Review – Petzl Elia Women’s Climbing Helmet


Dr. Jess is back today with a gear review and message for us all, CXC included: “Protect Your Head!” 

I like to think of myself as a safety conscience, responsible climber. I carefully maintain my equipment, regularly retire old gear, and always do a pre-climb harness and knot check with my belayer. Despite my focus on safety, I’m embarrassed to say that it took me 5 years of climbing to finally purchase a helmet! Maybe it’s the fact that I started climbing in the relatively safe environment of a gym, or that I never saw my friends or the pros climb in a helmet, or the fear that it would be hot and uncomfortable, but I never gave much thought about not wearing a helmet while sport climbing outside. That all changed when I started climbing at Safe Harbor and Birdsboro, PA. Both areas feature excellent bolted routes on man-made crags (a road cut and old quarry) that have quite a bit of loose rock. I bought the Petzl Elia women’s climbing helmet and now that I own the helmet I’ll never go back to climbing without it. Here’s why:

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Gear Review – Arc’teryx R280 Harness

03_12_harnessesIf Missy’s vice is Lululemon, mine’s anything made by Arc’teryx. It’s simple really – they create sleek gear out of high quality materials, but of course they cost you a pretty penny. However, there are some pieces of gear that are worth paying a little extra for. In my opinion this harness is one of them.

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Gear Review – Wunder Unders!!


I try not to be a total slave to Lulu.  Of course their stuff is cute, and great quality, but seriously, who can afford to fully outfit themselves in that stuff?  $50 for a tank top? No, thank you. But, as I do with my regular wardrobe, I try to do a “high-low” combo, sinking more money into pieces I know I will wear a ton.  So I will shell out around $80 for a pair of these babies, and then pair with a cheap $5 tank from H&M, and a colorful sports bra.  So, they may cost a pretty penny, but, here is why they are worth every one:

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