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Girl Crush of the Month: Libby Peter

Libby Peter exploring steep ice in Arctic Norway. Photo credit: Ben Winston

Libby Peter exploring steep ice in Arctic Norway. Photo credit: Ben Winston

Libby Peter is one of those women who can seamlessly do it all; she’s a pioneer female mountain guide in the UK and a mother to two fearless daughters, all the while continuing to push her limits in the mountains. As a young girl, she truly believed she was scared of heights and wouldn’t be any good at climbing, even though she loved being in the hills. However, when she was selected to participate in a school expedition to Arctic Norway, she got a formal introduction to the sport and was hooked.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Kyra Condie

Kyra Condie has been on our girl crush radar for a long time now, and watching her take 2nd (behind Alex Puccio) at last weekend’s Portland Boulder Rally totally made it official. With her quick and aggressive climbing style, this 20-year-old Minnesotan, has made a name for herself on the competition scene. Despite setbacks, like 10 fused vertebrae, Kyra has managed to win Youth Bouldering Nationals and regularly podium at national and international comps.

Kyras back at age 12.

Kyra’s back at age 12.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Margo Hayes

At age 17, Margo Hayes exudes a maturity beyond her years. Photo credit: Bruce Wilson

At age 18, Margo Hayes exudes a maturity beyond her years. Photo credit: Bruce Wilson

Maturity tends to come with age. Having just turned 18,  Margo Hayes, defies this belief in both her climbing and perspective. Not only has she podiumed in 11 different national and world youth sport climbing championships, five different bouldering climbing championships, but she has also climbed six 5.14 routes and three V11s. As Margo told Crux Crush, “I really like the ever-changing aspect of rock climbing. The learning curve in climbing is really steep and so I know that with each climb, there will be more lessons learned!  I also love to be in nature, and when I climb outdoors, I can take in the world around me and keep things in perspective.  It is humbling to stand at the bottom of a wall and look up!”

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Girl Crush of the Month: Heather Weidner


Photo cred: Jon Glassberg

“Life is short and fragile, go out and get it now”. Inspired by the words of her late mother, Dr. Heather (Robinson) Weidner did just that; as a former veterinarian turned professional climber she is pursuing her passions with abandon. Heather’s jam is to try hard on projects. With unwavering determination, focus and down-right stubbornness, she explains that those who know her call it “Taurus mode”. Jonathon Siegrist interviewed Heather and he’s crushing too (not like that—he’s good friends with her husband). Siegrist said, “I’ve had the privilege to climb with some of the world’s best, but no one that I’ve met has the ambition, persistence and follow through that Heather exhibits.”

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Girl Crush of The Month: Lizzy Asher


When we first met Lizzy at last month’s Iron Maiden bouldering competition (where she took second place just behind Angie Payne, BTW) we were impressed by her technique, strength, and the way she approached the day with the poise of a seasoned competitor. Well, it turns out that’s exactly what she is (and a lot more)!  Born in Austin, Texas and currently working on her PhD in Vancouver, Lizzy’s recent participation in the comp circuit has been somewhat under the radar. “I competed with great regularity all through college and until I began my PhD program at the University of British Columbia,” she explained, “I balance climbing and my other life goals sometimes with difficulty but always with great enthusiasm and true grit…I’m not happy being exceptionally good at one thing only-I would rather be very good at a few of them!”  When Lizzy isn’t climbing, she is out to sea (like, literally, on a sea vessel) for her research in oceanography and atmospheric sciences, traveling to Antarctica, the Arctic, and the Northeast Pacific.  Yet she somehow still manages to find time to climb 5.14, boulder V11 (and work V12, but we’ll get to that), and train for the upcoming World Cup Bouldering Series. So, if you haven’t heard of Lizzy yet, we have no doubt that you soon will.  Read on to find out more about our smarty-pants, seasoned, and super strong girl crush of the month!

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Girl Crush of The Month: Megan Mascarenas


Having started climbing at the age of 3, Megan Mascarenas has probably gotten used to the title of “youngest”, so she’ll feel right at home as Crux Crush’s youngest Girl Crush yet! We chose Megan as our Girl Crush of the Month after witnessing her fiercely compete in the Dark Horse Series last month, coming in on the heels of Angie Payne to claim second place. We realized that age aside, this girl is strong, and definitely one to watch. Since she turned 16 this past year, she was able to compete for the first time as an adult in ABS Nationals. She came in fourth place, beating out competition vets Angie Payne and Alex Johnson, and then, with only a week’s rest, she went on to take second place in the ABS Youth Nationals in her division. NBD for this little powerhouse, at 5’3″ and just barely able to drive, she’s taking the competition world by storm….or should we say, by nunchuk? Quiet, and serious, Mascarenas is affectionately nicknamed “The Ninja” by her fellow teammates on Team Mad Rock, of which she is the youngest member. To get a sense of how Megan readies herself to crush, check out the video below of her training at the home wall of Kevin Branford (one of the most accomplished route setters in North America).

Outdoors Megan is just as much of a quiet killer as she is in the comp world. She took down her first V11 at age 13, Mirror Mask, in Mount Evans, Colorado. Megan then proved that this wasn’t just a fluke by sending Show of Hands (V11) in Moe’s Valley, Utah this past year. She’s also had multiple ascents in the V9/V10 (7C/7C+) range. If you want to feel old…whoops, I mean “inspired”, take a look at her 8a tick list (just don’t start asking yourself questions like “what did I do before age 16, besides cut class to chill with ‘skater Bruce’ behind the gym?”, because it gets real dark, so just trust me, don’t go there). We have our fingers crossed that she’ll compete in the Dark Horse finals in February, and give Angie Payne, Charlotte Durif, Alex Puccio, and more of today’s best pros a run for their money. Watch out for those throwing stars ladies, the Ninja is here!

Climb On!

Photo Credit: Team ABC
Video Credit: Mad Rock Team Blog

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Girl Crush of the Month: Muriel Sarkany

Muriel Sarkany on Rollito Sharma extension (8c). Photo credit: Pete O'Donovan.

Muriel Sarkany on Rollito Sharma extension (8c). Photo credit: Pete O’Donovan.

This month we’re crushing on Belgian sport climber Muriel Sarkany who had the climbing world swooning over her just a few weeks ago when she became the fourth woman ever to climb 5.14d (9a). Muriel inspires us not only because of her strength and climbing feats (she’s won 75 UIAA and IFSC World Cup titles, in addition to World and Arco Championships), but because of the time and commitment she puts into the sport. She refuses to cut corners and holds a high bar for herself. For example, Punt X, the 5.14d she recently sent, is known to be a notoriously stout and solid route, rarely repeated. Likewise, she doesn’t opt for the easy way out in her training or in projecting a route, claiming regularity to be the most important part of training. Refusing to rush the process, Muriel will regularly dedicate a minimum of two months to a specific area and climb, knowing it will take her that time to find her own sequence solutions. In addition to her dedication to the process, Sarkany remains dedicated to the sport. Her psych for climbing was initiated in her teens, and has only intensified over the last two and a half decades. So often we look for the quick fix – the 10 minute workout that will make you climb a grade harder; Muriel inspires us to put in the hard work, dedication, and time that it takes to become a better climber.

Muriel Sarkany working Fish Eye (8c). Photo credit: Julie Sprooten.

Climb on! ~Cate

Info thanks to Muriel’s blog and to Climb and More.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Eva López

Eva climbing White Zombie, 8c/5.14b.

Eva climbing White Zombie (8c/5.14b)

First off, Eva López is no girl. She’s been climbing for 20 years, is currently writing her doctoral thesis, created a successful line of hangboards, and a few weeks ago sent her first 8c+/5.14c. I’d call her our “Woman Crush of the Month”, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Of course we are in awe of her physical strength (getting stronger and stronger at age 42), but we are even more impressed and intrigued by her scientific approach to climbing.

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Girl Crush of the Month: Jen Vennon

Jen Vennon on Stockboy’s Revenge, 5.14b/c. Photo credit: RifleClimbers.org.

September’s girl crush epitomizes not only the climber we desire to become, but also the character of person we aspire to emulate. She is none other than 5.14 climber and kindergarden teacher, Jen Vennon. Climbing since 2000, the 30-year-old has stamped her mark on the Colorado Rifle climbing scene, claiming the first female ascent of Stockboy’s Revenge (5.14b/c) and being only the second female to send the 7PM Show (5.14a). DPM reported Stockboy’s Revenge to be the hardest route sent by a woman at Rifle. (If she’s starting to sound a bit more familiar, you may have also seen her on the cover of Rock and Ice last year). What makes Jen stand out from the rest is her modesty. Implicit in climbing as hard as Jen does while also teaching kindergarden, is a sense of humility. She accepts no sympathy and refuses to let her height (5’3″), reach (she has a negative ape index), or being surrounded by Rifle guy beta be an excuse. Friends acknowledge her refusal to back down from anything and Jen confirms her determination to meet a goal once she’s set it.

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Girl Crush of The Month: Sasha DiGiulian


Our Girl Crush this month is none other than Sasha (no last name needed, you know, like Madonna).  You may ask why we haven’t chosen her already, given that she is arguably the best female climber on the planet.  In general, we try to award the “prestigious” Girl Crush to those climbers who are not also household names. But for this month, she got us to break our own rules! So how did she do it? Well, first of all, we are celebrating Fourth of July this week, so we had to go American, and who better to represent our fair nation than the first and only North American female to ever climb 9a/5.14d.  Then last week she went and added not one, but two more FFA’s to her impressive tick list, in the same week!  Not to mention, that while she’s dominating crags and comps worldwide, she’s also a full time undergrad at Columbia University.  Lastly, we had the good fortune of meeting her in May at the Ring of Fire Comp and found that not only can this petite, blonde haired, blue-eyed 20-year-old contend with the burliest of climbers out there, she’s also apple-pie-sweet and friendly as can be! So Sasha, we know you’ve won a lot of awards, and this one doesn’t come with any medals, but it does come with huge amounts of admiration! Thanks so much for continuing to inspire female climbers worldwide.

-Climb On!

Missy, Cate and Mary

(Photo Credit: Sasha’s website www.sasha-digiulian.com)

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