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Rock Roots: Anne Khuu & Lupe Martinez

3.5 Selfies

Lupe and Anne: Great friends, not great at taking selfies. Photo credit: Guadalupe Martinez.

Rock Roots correspondent Lily He brings us a tale of two friends and their adventures out West with none other than Steph Davis! Enjoy!

This is the story of Anne (pronounced “Annie”) and Lupe (short for Guadalupe), friends brought together by climbing in the Boston area. They are now in the midst of a “long distance relationship” after Lupe moved to Austin, Texas, but had their last hurrah in Moab, climbing at a women’s clinic run by Steph Davis this past spring.

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Six Yoga Stretches for Climbers


Kaylee putting her yoga strength and flexibility to work

We first met Kaylee Frano at MetroRock’s Granite Girls Climbing School, where she led a post-climbing stretching session. After just 20 minutes of her yoga-inspired stretches she had us all completely relaxed and wanting to learn more. As an avid yogi for over 7 years and a climber for almost 3, Kaylee quickly realized the benefits that stretching had on her climbing. Currently, as a youth team coach at MetroRock, she incorporates yoga stretches into team practice. Today she brings us six stretches that are great for every climber: 

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Climbing Training: Endurance

sasha endurance

Sasha is one of the first climbers that comes to mind when we think of strong endurance.

Today we have a guest training post from Jackie Pettitt, climbing instructor at MetroRock Climbing Center, who runs the Granite Girls Climbing School, a program specifically designed for helping women improve their strength and technique to reach their climbing goals. You may remember Jackie from previous posts on projecting and training for power.  Here she tells us about what endurance is and gives us some great tips on how to train for it.

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Climbing Tips: Projecting

granite girls

Jackie putting the ladies to work

This week the Crux Crush ladies took a field trip to MetroRock Gym in Everett, MA to check out Granite Girls Climbing School, which is run by climbing instructor Jackie Pettitt.  Each week for 6 weeks there is a different topic, and you spend time in a small clinic setting, crushing with your fellow ladies.  So basically an ideal night! This week’s topic was Route Reading, Projecting, and Resting.  Here are the top 5 tips we wanted to share with you!

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