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Dorothea Karalus Establishes One of the Hardest Boulders by a Female Ever

in the cloud

Karalus on In the Cloud, V12, one of the hardest female-established boulders ever.

German climber Dorothea Karalus has earned the first ascent of In the Cloud (V12) in the Grampians, Australia. Many women have climbed harder problems, including Dorothea herself with Fragile Steps (V13) in Rocklands, but only a very small number have established V12. One such woman is Alex Puccio with her FA of Polly Pocket Sit (V12) in Val Bavona, Switzerland. On Dorothea’s blog she describes, “The boulder has two perfect and very obvious starting holds and follows a beautiful line of very small horizontal crimps with a sequence revolving around a tiny crimp and a gaston flake in the end. It is rare that you find such a pure crimp boulder that is not awkward and sharp! With the exception of the first move all the 5-6 moves are hard and uncompromisingly powerful.” To see for yourself check out the video of her send below:

We are so psyched to see women pushing these limits – Congrats Dorothea!

Climb on!

(Info and photo credits: dorokara.wordpress.com)

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