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Girl Crush of the Month: Jeline Guiles

Jeline 1

Jeline Guiles, climber, mom, and Editor-in-Chief at Climb On, Sister!

If you’re looking for a female role model in the climbing world, Jeline Guiles is your woman. In all that she does Jeline inspires. In addition to being an incredibly strong boulderer, Jeline single-handedly runs Climb On, Sister!, a blog that celebrates women and girls in climbing. Just a quick glance through Climb On, Sister! and you begin to get a sense of the incredibly supportive, talented, driven, and reflective woman that Jeline is. Guiles’ mission to celebrate women and girls through her passion for climbing is evident in all that she does, and rings true for us here at Crux Crush. Add to that mix that our “Sister” is throwing down on V8s, just a year after having a beautiful baby girl – and you understand why we’re crushing on her.

Of the many things we love about Jeline, we especially love how she maintains the upmost positivity in all situations. (Just try and find a picture of her that she isn’t smiling!) In her blog posts, interviews, and videos, Jeline pushes herself and those around her toward greatness. “I’m inspired by anyone that sees his/her potential and does what he/she needs to do to go beyond it. We’re all very capable of achieving great things, if we work hard and have the confidence in ourselves to stick with it.” Through her posts, features, and reflections, Jeline opens herself to her readers and community in a way that allows you to connect and resonate, and then grow and move through your own struggles and revelations. Though Jeline trains like a pro and competes, she is real and down to earth, in a way that makes the possibility of climbing “like a pro”, actually accessible and possible. As she shared, “Don’t be afraid to be better than your best.” Thank you Jeline for being our Girl Crush of the Month, as well as our role model in climbing!

Climb on! ~Cate

Information, quotes, and picture thanks to  Outdoor Minded MagQuestions For Living, and RV Proj.

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Climbing Training: 4x4s

climbing training 4x4s

Problem #1 of Cate’s 4x4s

If you’re a sport climber who spends most of the winter climbing in the gym, you probably know that making the transition from gym climbing to real rock can be harsh. You’ve spent all winter bouldering on hard gym problems, perhaps hopping on a lead climb here and there. You’ve got your spring route project all picked out. Yet when the snow starts to thaw and it comes time to get on your dream route, your training doesn’t translate to the send. Despite our best intentions, it’s easy to spend too much time during those cold, winter months only working individual boulder problems neglecting to develop the power endurance needed to send our projects outdoors. What IS power endurance? Imagine taking the hardest boulder you’ve sent and throwing it on top of 50 feet of moderate climbing – that’s a rough definition of power endurance. How do I build up my power endurance?


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