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Interview with Colette McInerney


“I’m hoping to run with this mental confidence and continue to progress as a climber”

Both on and off the wall, Colette McInerney is shaping the image of climbing. She humbly balances climbing 5.14 (she recently sent China Crisis, 5.14a/8b+) with an incredibly talented and creative eye for capturing the climbing world around her through photography, videos, interviews, and writing. As if we weren’t in love with her already, she also has a kick-ass sense of fashion – totally the kind of girl who we’d want to go grab a beer with after climbing. Lucky for us, we got a chance to talk with Colette about all of the above and share our interview on Crux Crush.

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Colette McInerney: New Video (and Interview Sneak Peek!)

“It’s a kneepad, dude. You know what it is”

Here’s an awesome new video by Dead Point Magazine, featuring Colette McInerney  in France, climbing on the Deverse cliff.  In this video she tackles an 8a/8a+ (the grade is a topic of apparent debate, you’ll see at the end of the video) called Satanique (and I think we can all guess what that translates to).  She talks in the video about coming to this cliff, with boyfriend and climber, Joe Kinder, where some of the world’s hardest climbing is, and being “cornered” into doing this particular route, because it is the only thing at her level.  I totally love her realness, and also her smart use of a kneepad to work out the beta, and take down all those kneebars! She climbs hard in this video and totally kicks ass.

Stayed tuned for next week for our “exclusive” Crux Crush interview where we chat with Colette about everything from climbing hard routes, and the traveling life, to climbing fashion, and our mutual love of snacks.  She was kind enough to do the interview, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

-Climb On! Missy

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