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Girl Crush of The Month: Megan Mascarenas


Having started climbing at the age of 3, Megan Mascarenas has probably gotten used to the title of “youngest”, so she’ll feel right at home as Crux Crush’s youngest Girl Crush yet! We chose Megan as our Girl Crush of the Month after witnessing her fiercely compete in the Dark Horse Series last month, coming in on the heels of Angie Payne to claim second place. We realized that age aside, this girl is strong, and definitely one to watch. Since she turned 16 this past year, she was able to compete for the first time as an adult in ABS Nationals. She came in fourth place, beating out competition vets Angie Payne and Alex Johnson, and then, with only a week’s rest, she went on to take second place in the ABS Youth Nationals in her division. NBD for this little powerhouse, at 5’3″ and just barely able to drive, she’s taking the competition world by storm….or should we say, by nunchuk? Quiet, and serious, Mascarenas is affectionately nicknamed “The Ninja” by her fellow teammates on Team Mad Rock, of which she is the youngest member. To get a sense of how Megan readies herself to crush, check out the video below of her training at the home wall of Kevin Branford (one of the most accomplished route setters in North America).

Outdoors Megan is just as much of a quiet killer as she is in the comp world. She took down her first V11 at age 13, Mirror Mask, in Mount Evans, Colorado. Megan then proved that this wasn’t just a fluke by sending Show of Hands (V11) in Moe’s Valley, Utah this past year. She’s also had multiple ascents in the V9/V10 (7C/7C+) range. If you want to feel old…whoops, I mean “inspired”, take a look at her 8a tick list (just don’t start asking yourself questions like “what did I do before age 16, besides cut class to chill with ‘skater Bruce’ behind the gym?”, because it gets real dark, so just trust me, don’t go there). We have our fingers crossed that she’ll compete in the Dark Horse finals in February, and give Angie Payne, Charlotte Durif, Alex Puccio, and more of today’s best pros a run for their money. Watch out for those throwing stars ladies, the Ninja is here!

Climb On!

Photo Credit: Team ABC
Video Credit: Mad Rock Team Blog

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Sasha takes 1st place at Ring of Fire Comp

DSC_0362As the rain came pouring down in New England and plans for climbing outside were abandoned, Central Rock Gym in Hadley, Massachusetts was just getting warmed up for their third annual Ring of Fire Sport Climbing Competition. It turns out $10,000 in cash prizes, plus Maxim ropes, 5.10 gear, Mad Rock shoesPetzl chalk bags, and Adidas jackets brings all the strong boys and girls to the yard. Crux Crush headed to central Mass to see first hand what it’s like to compete in the sport climbing comp, as well as to watch some of the strongest route climbers out there compete to win “the ring of fire.” (No, seriously, they really win a ring of fire, well maybe not fire, but a ring…and some serious cash money). In addition to the steep competition, the routes themselves required strength and the ability to read some impressive sequences – no competitor made it to the top of the men’s or women’s final’s routes. Read more on the comp and see some pretty rad photos here.

Women’s Open

First Place – Sasha DiGiulian

Second Place – Delaney Miller

Third Place – Chelsea Rude

Men’s Open

First Place – Jon Cardwell

Second Place – Daniel Woods

Third Place – Vasya Vorotnikov

We also want to give a shout out to Crux Crush’s own Mary Lambo, who took third in the Women’s Intermediate! You go girl!

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