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Girl Crush of the Month: Mar Álvarez

Mar's most recent accomplishment, Esclatamasters, 9a/5.14d

Mar’s most recent accomplishment, Esclatamasters, 9a/5.14d.

This month we’re crushing on a firefighter. That’s right, a 35-year-old Spanish firefighter by the name of Mar Álvarez, who happens to climb 9a/5.14d in her spare time. About a year ago Mar became the fifth woman ever to climb 9a/5.14d with her send of Era Vella, and then just a few weeks ago she joined an even more elite group of women by climbing yet another 9a/5.14d. On 8a.nu she described Esclatamasters as, “A beautiful and demanding route that tested my limits.” Mar’s winning combination of dedication and deep personal connection to climbing is, without doubt, responsible for her success.

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Mar Álvarez sends Era Vella, 9a/5.14d

alvarez_carlos perez

Mar Álvarez on Tripa de Conejo (8b+) in Rodellar, Spain

34-year-old Spanish climber Mar Álvarez has thrown down in Margalef, Spain by sending Era Vella (9a/5.14d)! The route was established in 2009 by Chris Sharma and has since seen almost 20 repeats. The only woman to have climbed the route before Mar was Sasha Digiulian back in 2012. This marks Mar’s first 5.14d and of the route she says, “It’s a dream come true. I never thought I could string it together.” To get a sense of the route check out the raw footage of Sasha on Era Vella below. Congrats to Mar, and keep the strong sends coming!

Climb on!

Info and Photo Credit: 8a.nucpfotografia.com.

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Álvarez and van Bergen Make Personal Bests

alvarez_carlos perez

Mar Álvarez on Tripa de Conejo (8b+) in Rodellar

This week European climbers Mar Álvarez and Nikki van Bergen broke into new personal grades, sending 8c+/5.14c and 8c/5.14b, respectively. Álvarez climbed Mind Control in Oliana, which was previously sent by a couple of ladies, including Sasha DiGiulian and Barbara Raudner. At 8c+/5.14c, Mar is just one grade away from joining the ranks of the elite 9a/5.14d club, the hardest grade ever climbed by a few select women. Over in France, Dutch climber Nikki van Bergen was busy sending Hot Chill-X in Gorges du Loup. By the age of 20, Nikki has earned herself multiple national titles, a podium finish at the European Youth Cup, and now 8c/5.14b bragging rights. Congrats ladies!

Climb on!

(Info and photo credit: 8a.nuwww.nikkivanbergen.comwww.cpfotografia.com)

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Álvarez, Pietras, & Robinson Bringing It

Heather Robinson on "The Happiness" (8b+)

Heather Robinson on “The Happiness” (8b+)

The ladies kept the sending streak going this past weekend. Here are a few of the impressive highlights:

Spanish climber Mar Álvarez sent her first 8c/5.14b, Fish Eye in Oliana. She joins the ranks of several top female climbers to have sent this route, including Eva López, Sasha DiGiulian, and Matilda Söderlund.

American boulderer Kasia Pietras was busy down in South Africa sending Caroline, V10. Of the boulder she says, “Amazing looking line and climbs great as well…minus the painful start hold on the pinky.”

Back here in the good ole US of A, Heather Robinson earned herself the first female ascent of The Gayness (8b+/5.14a), which she appropriately renamed “The Happiness” on her blog.

Nice work Mar, Kasia, and Heather!

Keep on climbin’ on!

(Info and photos: 8a.nu and http://heatherclimbs.com/)

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Weekend Sends

Katharina Saurwein

As the weather is warming up, so is the sending train! Here’s a few highlights from the weekend:

  • Matilda Söderlund continues her hot streak, flashing Dogma 8b+ (5.14a) at Siurana.
  • Kasia Pietras and Meagan Martin continue their crushing streak in Switzerland, where Meagan sent Pamplemousse 8A (V11) at Brione.
  • Mar  Álvarez sent Devoramingas 8a (5.13b) in Montsant.
  • Closeby, in  Öztal/Tumpen (Austria), Katharina Saurwein sent Stick It, 7C+, coming off her hot streak shown above on Fake Pamplemousse 8A (V11), Ticino, Switzerland.

Photo by Jorg Verhoeven. Info thanks to 8a.nu.

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